Tweet website stats for the week of Nov 29:
- Announcing on @startupschool got me some high quality traffic (β–² duration β–Όbounce rate )
- Overall a slow week, with very little marketing
- In the process of obtaining 3 new applications this week

#buildinpublic website stats for the week of Nov 22:

- My LinkedIn post on Wed got some amazing engagement
- Also did an announcement on a YC Discord group
- Not sure how visitors are coming from PH, I haven't posted there yet

Created a new promo image for It now shows the a few of the most recognized companies which have an application on the website. Hopefully this entices even more people to check it out 🀞
Announced on my personal LinkedIn 24 hours ago and the response has been amazing. Almost 200 new visitors came to the website…

It's been 1 week since I launched, here are the website stats thanks to @PlausibleHQ

169 visitors & 501 pageviews
@IndieHackers is the top traffic source
with most visitors coming from the US
and mobile making being the most popular device

Just started sharing on LinkedIn.

Created a company page and shared the first post 24 hours ago. LinkedIn is now only 2nd to IndieHackers in terms of traffic sources.

🏁 Goals for Nov 2021
- Gather >= 5 more Y Combinator applications
- Announce on IH, Reddit, SUS and a few niche Telegram/Discord/Slack/FB groups

Applications for the S22 batch should be opening in ~2 months, this would be a good time to start spreading the word.

I'm doing cold outreaches to past @ycombinator applicants to help them pay it forward and share their YC application to help others learn from their experience. My plan is to send out ~20 personalized DMs a day on both Twitter and LinkedIn
Engineer #2 has officially joined the @StackableSO team πŸ₯³

He's already looked over the repo and is getting started on his first ticket. With his front-end prowess, I'm excited to see how much faster we can speed up development. #buildinpublic
@Koustubha_D Very true! And that's one of the main reasons why I started to #buildinpublic as well, along with holding myself accountable. This is also further supported by Y Combinator, where startups with a solo founder have a lower chance of getting accepted.
@Mayanktweeted @PoppinsHQ @YCombiator Just saw your app on PH and this tweet in the #buildinpublic feed. This is fate, you've got my upvote :)
Week 10 of #buildinpublic

- MVP for dogfooding is 99% complete
- New product name is 90% finalised
- Found a ton of competitors for reference

- Missed design review with ex-designer
- Need to spend more time thinking pricing
- Didn't finish writing tickets for next week
Week 9 of #buildinpublic

- We pivoted to prioritize an MVP for dogfooding
- Sent out market survey and got 33 submissions
- Designed the mini app for the top-right Chrome icon

- Didn't finish reading The Mom Test
- Posting this a day late
- Having 2nd thoughts about name
@buildInPublics @thunkable @appgyver Welcome to the #buildinpublic community! I recently came across, but I've yet to try them out.
Was thinking of doing a logo for SuperAgile that incorporated the 'S' and an animal that defined agility, a Hummingbird. Tried my luck at Fiverr...

Not a bad attempt I would say. Don't think I'd be using any of them, but which one do you like best? πŸ€”
Week 8 of #buildinpublic

Top 3
- We completed the proof of concept
- We setup our GH repo and I pushed my first commit
- Found other folks in SG who are also building in public

Bottom 3
- Fiverr logo didn't work out
- Writing this a day late
- Didn't send out the user survey
Glad to see another person in #Singapore building in public! Congrats on your launch @dqhieu.

I wonder how many people in SG are also on their #BuildInPublic journey πŸ€”
πŸš€ Launch day πŸš€

@ExpenseBuddy is finally available on the AppStore πŸŽ‰

Download now to keep your expenses tracked and organized πŸ’΅


RT appreciated πŸ™

#iOS #expensetracker #indiedev #buildinpublic
Wow this is taking #buildinpublic to the next level, a YT livestream!
About to do some #buildinpublic for @supabase_io


Drop in and hang out. This time I'll try get comments working
I'm thinking of writing a short summary at the end of every week with the top 3 things that went well and the bottom 3 things that didn't. Should I stick to Twitter's threading system? Or start a Medium or similar platform?
#buildinpublic #buildinginpublic
I just moved over to Tweetdeck so I could follow the #buildinpublic and #buildinginpublic hastags more closely. I noticed that I should probably be Tweeting from a personal account instead of the company account? Luckily Twitter allows you to change things easily :)