The #buildinpublic Illini Blockchain application results are in!

Last semester applicants: 55
This semester applicants: 141

LFGGG @Rohan_hirani7 🚀🚀😈
Info Night w/ @ILL_Blockchain is in the books.

Your boy has some tasty #buildinpublic stats, strategies, & insights.

(cc: @Rohan_hirani7)
2 weeks into @ILL_Blockchain recruitment.

@Rohan_hirani7 & I have some #buildinpublic updates:

1. What we shipped
2. What we learned
3. What we are shipping next
Hopefully, we get 6-12 killers that will take us to the next level.

We'll keep you updated and continue to #buildinpublic!!
. @Rohan_hirani7 & I are running recruitment for @ILL_Blockchain!!

We plan to get 200+ info night attendees & 100+ applicants. #buildinpublic

Here's 10 specific strategies we're using: