Something I'm learning about building in public:

If you care deeply about the people you're serving, "side project" stops meaning what it used to

We have 14 people on our tiny email list, but I'll work my tail off to help at least one achieve their goals.
What is the best email service provider with a decent free plan?

Looking to build out our launch list and send useful email to new / junior designers.

Who's the best?
Mailchimp, MailerLite, BeeHiiv?

Would love your thoughts #buildinpublic
The DesignKit site is up and ready for early access signups.

Join the launch list. We'll be including some early bird bonuses as well.

♥️ to the #buildinpublic folks for the knowledge and inspiration!

@robably__ and I are so excited about this.
Desktop complete. Tweaking on mobile still and we're off to the races.

This one just feels good.

@robably__ and I believe in the mission of this product.

Excited to see our first designer get a job bc they had killer projects in their portfolio!

#buildinpublic is fun also. ♥️
If we're going to build in public, let's #buildinpublic

The quick landing page is coming along nicely. Cofounder @robably__ design is fun, loving it.

In the background, we're feverishly working to build out the product.

We'll definitely share more about that soon!
How does #buildinpublic feel about the product being a non-fiction book or book/resource combo?