My Megadash pivot is nearing completion...

Might be time to start showing off what I've been working it 🥳

Sadly, I've now gone to bed, so you'll have to wait until 2moz.

I know, not the news you were hoping for.

But, it gives you smth to look forward to 2moz

To be a financially successful indie entrepreneur, game dev or web dev?

I used to be in the game dev camp, and it's where my true love lies I think, but web dev seems the better bet.


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I'm pivoting and turning into something a little bit like linktree.

But it'll look quite different.

And you will be able to search/browse all the dashboards.

Will it "work"?

Who knows 🤣

💡9 hours ago I woke up after dreaming about a new idea.

9 hours later I've just bought the domain.

Another one to add to the growing collection of unused domains I own 🤣

It's not worth making games and apps for VR right now.


Web version of is now freely available.

Feedback is most appreciated 🙂

Not giving up on megatext...

I think, as a chrome extension, people can't be bothered having to install it to see what it's about.

So gonna build a Web version and see if that helps.

Will be out this week at

⚠️ Please help!

I know that having a good landing page is important for SEO.

However, I'm rubbish at writing copy.

But, the time has come for me to improve

Can anyone suggest some good tools to help me?

You can now watch highlights of games directly in FootyMate 1.6!

I made FootyMate website work on mobile...

I may have cheated a little by simply scaling the iframe to fit the screen 🙂

Will make a mobile specific layout if demand is there.

Otherwise, this will do!

#buildinpublic #buildinginpublic
I just released a Web version of FootyMate - desktop only atm.

Mobile coming soon.

Does it work for you? Not tested in all browsers yet.

#buildinpublic #MUNTOT #LIVWHU
Any suggestions on where I can share my free browser extension?

I got fed up googling "Premier League table"

So I made FootyMate, a free browser extension

Had plenty of great feedback and implemented lots of feature suggestions - but more than happy to take more🙂⚽…

#buildinpublic #soccer #football #PremierLeague
My most successful app to date is also the most boring and most niche, and had least marketing.

Maybe there's a lesson to be learnt there...?

I am looking football fan youtubers who would interested in being featured in my Footy Mate browser extension.

If that is you, or know of any, please reply with details.

Many thanks!

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£77 MRR from 1 free Facebook group post 2 years ago.

That's the simple truth of POCPOD, an app to help vehicle transporters record proof of concept and damage assessments.

May be time to pursue this further?!

Marketing evening for FootyMate:

✅️ Post /r/PremierLeague (awaiting approval)
✅️ Boosted pinned Twitter post
✅️ DMed some people
✅️ Instagram ad (awaiting approval)

I should really get around to doin a landing page for SEO... 🤣

FootyMate v1.5 wrapped up - should be available in on Chrome/Firefox in the next day or so.

This release has been tough with lots of refactoring!

But, it adds the MOST requested feature - cup competitions (including Champions League!)

#buildinpublic #soccer #ChampionsLeague