🚀 Megatext is now available to download for Chrome.

Onto the next project... 😆

Feedback much appreciated!…

So, with Megatext finished and awaiting approval, it's finally time to begin that #marketing week I've been putting off....

Starting with... ooo actually I've just thought of a cool new feature for FootyMate 😆

Yes, this was made with the MVP mentioned 🙂 is coming very soon (like today or tomorrow)


Ok i know, i've been quiet for a few days. But I have a reason :)

I have just spent the last week building Megatext!

Turn text into beautifully animated gifs for your social media posts.

Awaiting approval from Chrome Store.

Just hit 800 downloads for FootyMate... not bad from a single reddit post more than a week ago 😀

Finally had v1.2 of FootyMate browser extension approved - now available in the Chrome Web Store (and Firefox). What's new?

✅Added French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portugese leagues
✅Added new league dropdown
✅Minor UI tweaks…

Top CSS tip (I only found this out today when trying to style an input range).

"accent-color" let's you override the default color that the browser uses for various input controls.…

v1.2 of FootyMate is now awaiting approval.

This version brings all the tables, fixtures and scores from the top European leagues, along with a quicker way to switch leagues.

I may need to give up on Opera extensions... been a week now and FootyMate still hasnt been reviewed by their team 😔

Someone asked me how I capture gifs on my desktop to share on twitter...

I use ScreenToGif, and highly recommend it 👍

Been working on some improvements to FootyMate...

Here we can see the new League Select modal - this will be extended futher to:

- Show European leagues
- Allow league visibility to be toggled so that the < and > arrows only cycle through selected leagues

The sad passing of The Queen (may she rest in peace) has had unforeseen consequences on FootyMate.

I hadn't considered how matches would show when they are postponed. So spent the last hour fixing that!

New update for chrome/firefox now pending approval!

Love the early feedback for FootyMate - I'm trully blown away 🤯

Soooo many feature requests for FootyMate - the response has been so unexpected!

However, before I begin work on adding more features, I have another chrome extension MVP to complete...

Plenty of feature requests for FootyMate yesterday - here's my todo list for this evening 😆

Really pleased/suprised with the metrics for FootyMate. Another great day yesterday, with great feedback, 5⭐review and plenty of new feature requests!

🤩🚀 Been overwhelmed with launch feedback from FootyMate so far.

Had so many great comments and feature suggestions on reddit.

One popular suggestion was to add Firefox supported (which was released this morning).

Looking forward to adding more!

Pleased to announce that FootyMate is now also available as a Firefox Addon.…

Just ported FootyMate to Firefox, as people were asking for a Firefox...

Gotta say, it was super easy - I just need to swap out the manifest.json - and tweak a couple of styles.

Other than that, no issues - even the chrome namespace in the JS worked!