What morning routine works best for entrepreneurs? #buildinpublic
How would you validate your idea to see if it is the one business opportunity? #buildinpublic
@ChrisUceda Thanks for the answer! Good to hear! I'm thinking of tweeting in German - do you have any experience with this in the context of #buildinpublic?

We will do professional #buildinpublic on LinkedIn - Would be cool to get support :)
Working today on 3 big tasks - #Eisenhower Matrix and #Secondbrain works very fine for me to concentrate on the main things - #buildinpublic
First day of building a start-up in the public eye. Created a Twitter account and will post things daily in the future as part of a pre.incubator in the heart of the #ruhrgebiet. Is there a German buildinpublic community on twitter? 😊@ChrisUceda #buildinpublic #startup