#buildinpublic If you are asked to explain marketing to a five year old. What would you say?
Realizing that I don't know everything about startups but will learn along the way has motivated me to keep building. What is your motivation? #buildinpublic
The most interesting thing about #buildinpublic is making connections. It may seem hard at first but try reaching out to fellow creators
Watch a fully edited video created for you. Plus, you have the power to customize and export the final result πŸ“Έβœ¨

🎬 Unleash Your Creativity!

Good Morning!!! #buildinpublic. What are working on today?
What's one thing you wish you knew when you started #buildinpublic
What is the most satisfying effort you've put in while building in public? #buildinpublic
How did you feel the first time you shared your idea in public. #buildinpublic
Who inspires you the most on your #buildinpublic journey
You know what. I'll keep a streak for the next hundred days while #buildinpublic. Feel free to call me out if am slacking.
Time to be an #indiehacker not an indielurker
#indiehackers where do you draw the line of what to share while #buildinpublic. Obviously, you wouldn't share lines of code for every feature. What do you tweet about or is every tweet a marketing opportunity. πŸ€”
Do I need a blog for my Saas before launching ? #buildinpublic #indiehackers
When I realized that I don't need to build a perfect saas for my users....just a good one that solves the needs of users.
Transparency is key in building in public! Don't be afraid to share your failures and successes. Your community can offer valuable feedback and support along the way. #buildinpublic
Been away from #buildinpublic for a while....but I'm back with ideas...they aren't powered by ai though 🀭. Let's see how they perform
Good Morning. What do you have planned for today? #buildinpublic #creating
@zerocodercom I was inspired to #buildinpublic so I could learn from the experience of others and share my experience while building.