Who is in Toronto?
Any groups working together?
Co-working space?

Going back home, Toronto next week 😎

#buildinpublic #indiehacker
@HyunGunJung @that_igor_ @MrNick_Buzz @heyimsunflower @dmschetnikovich @programpainter @NafetsWirth @atunasashimi @MaxPrilutskiy @HeliosdaSunGod I think #buildinpublic community is quite small hahaha
10k I don't know tbh

I'm just happy to meet so many great people and can help along the way 🙂

It's been great to get to know you and your team!
Oh man, it seems like this is growing in threads to threads as in like a tree view? 🤣

Wish there was a way to see this all expanded.

One thing I find interesting 🤔

I recognize most of the people.

Is #buildinpublic circle this small?
It's Friday, time for a game! 🎲

Tag three people who are #buildinpublic any projects. Design kits, SaaS, info products, newsletter... anything goes!

Help me to build a custom-tailored feed!

I'll kick things off: @jkimlaunch @theleonwei @simonda1ey
@HyunGunJung @aegiswishes1 @Twitter @WrittenByJackie @SeanDoesLife There are lots of gems on Twitter, not just for #buildinpublic but any topic you are interested in.

Spend a day exploring and you will be able to create your pack of Masterminds 🙂
@T_Brunson1 Thanks for such kind words.

I don't know where I am headed or what form it will take. One thing for sure is I am trying my best to find what is the best route to provide the most.

Almost founder (me) -market fit (#buildinpublic) 🤣
@StevenMusielski I haven't work with anyone from Twitter haha

I can say there are a lot of givers in #buildinpublic IMO
I share my negative view on VC funds but I don't want to demonize them.

There are awesome VC funds out there genuinely trying to support founders. It is just there aren't as many of them.

My view is more that I am worried about many #buildinpublic #indiehackers drinks the……
1/4 🧵 Evernote's struggle is a clear example of a recurring issue in VC-funded startups. Excessive growth often leads to inflated costs and diluted value, a result of the current venture capital paradigm. #vc
@TailorMETA It is very challenging.

Anyone who is on this journey should invest in personal-brand as soon as possible for this reason.

Twitter seems to be a good place, but not limited to.

I find Reddit is an undervalued distribution channel for many #buildinpublic You can start engaging……
@rotimi_best Ahhh ofcourse. I can definitely see not being able to do this once you are a family man.

You are a true champion sir. I don't know how you do #buildinpublic with kids and family. Respect
@taruza_ Twitter 🤣🤣

But deep down,
#buildinpublic and #indiehackers
• Bootstrapped solopreneurs

How to build communities and provide help at scale on buiding businesses and entrepreneurship
@cyrus_zei We had fun but it wasn't the space I want to be in for a long time haha

It was just a good example /analogy to how you can apply the same concept to our #buildinpublic projects 😛
The recipe for successful business is simple.

Finding the right problem is easier than you think.

The challenge is in execution.

However, the most common failure reason I see in #buildinpublic is

"Not listening or willing to learn the recipe"

Twitter is not a good place to share contents that are

• Detail heavy
• Contents worth going back to
• Video/Audio contents

I think some would appreciate such contents and want to send them via email (free)

What is the best platform for newsletters #buildinpublic?
@rotimi_best You should still hangout in #buildinpublic as you will learn a lot about how others are developing and growing their businesses

My hunch for your space is Reddit kr Facebook communities.

Many of educators do not have LinkedIn nor as active
#buildinpublic is great trying to help others. Sharing is caring❤️

If you are knocking your head against a wall for some business advice, give it a try.

Free Q&A by @atunasashimi
Two things I'm changing:
- Finding answers should be easier for founders/solopreneurs
- Newcomers should have someone in their corner too

So I'm creating for #buildinpublic and mentoring startups for free.

Find out why the hell I would do that below 👇
@rafal_makes Amazing spirit and similar reasons why I joined Twitter for #buildinpublic 🙂

VC backed startups were my jazz and had enough of it. Not interested in VC route at all now haha
There are always hundreds of things to do but we only got times for a few.

For us Solopreneurs & #buildinpublic, we need to understand what is at the core that we need to get right and focus vs it is okay to let go.

Learn to say No to 90% of the time
@paralect @alexanderisora Shoutout to @paralect for being so creative, bold and inspirational haha

Most of all, thanks for connecting us all in #indiehackers and #buildinpublic 🙏
This really hits home for goal of 'Design'

'Designing emotional digital experiences that people love'

Many of us are not designers but should keep this philosophy in mind

Omg, I can't believe I'm almost on the finish line 👀