When you check our new website, do you understand the product value? We stripped it down to the very basics, i hope it still works .)


Just squeezed the entire product (and my life 😝) in a 59 second video. Would be grateful for feedback 🙏 Don't ask how many takes it took 🙈😝

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If you put in the effort and prepare a recurring meeting properly, should you be able to copy that preparation for all occurrences ...with a single click?
Let us know what you think!

#buildinpublic #meetings #googlecalendar
New feature just launched:

Do you need people to come prepared for your meetings? Request it with a single click, right inside your Google calendar. →

We'll be grateful for feedback 🙏

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My first #buildinpublic:

What? protects your time from bad meetings.

Bad meetings are caused (among other reasons) by poor calendar design. Calendars haven't developed for decades.

We augment Google cal. rather than building a new app.