Day 36 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode

Just had a big aha moment last night after reading a book about copywriting frameworks - Always think about the core benefits you deliver to your target users!
Day 35 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode
Another day, another step forward.

-Fixed minor bugs and cleaned up database a bit
-Styling and database updates continued..(massive work..!)

Hope you all have a great day full of joy and gratitude..! 😊
I love the indie hacker community - so much to learn from every day...!

#buildinpublic #indiehackers
Day 34 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode

Hoping to have another productive day today! Planning to continue the database and styling update today. Have a good day everyone!!
Day 33 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode

Realized Google began indexing - very exciting! 😁

Today's plan of action:
-Sign up page styling update
-Tool profile page styling update
-Continued database update
Day 32 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode

Good morning and happy Monday. Quick note to myself - There's no such thing as an overnight success. Behind every success are years of hard work and grind.

My plan for today;
-Complete some long-overdue styling & database update
Day 31 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode

-Resubmitted the sitemap on Google Search Console

Not much progress this weekend.. trying to keep my daily tweet streak going consistently..!
Day 30 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode

-SEO keyword research and meta tag optimization
-Database update

Taking it a bit easy today to spend more time with family
Day 29 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode
Little progress yesterday..

-Still working on the styling updates & Tool list database updates
Day 28 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode
Yesterday's traffic spike on was great but the hard work continues. Today I will be working on:

-Styling updates
-Tool list database updates
Today was the highest traffic day for so far. Also received 4 new tools submitted to be included in the list.

Still very early days, but excited to see the initial reaction. One small, but a giant step forward!

#buildinpublic #100DaysOfCode
Day 27 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode is now live with more updates to come soon!

Today's plan
-Front-end styling update continued (emojis..?!)
It's just awesome to see so many cool new products that are being built by fellow builders in the #buildinpublic community.
Day 26 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode

-Database update
-Styling the signup page again

After more research, feeling more excited about my project today :)
Day 25 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode

Kicking off another busy week! Today, I will work on..

-Mobile nav tab fix
-Blog post

Hope you all have a great start of the week!!
Day 24 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode

-Added dynamic meta-description for tools pages
-Sitemap upload on Google Search Console

Let the #seo game start :)
Day 23 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode

After 22+ days of continuous coding, I'll most likely take some time off today to recharge and handle some other urgent things.

In the meantime, looking to gather more feedback on
Day 22 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode is now live :) I've always struggled to find the right tool as I transition to remote, so I decided to build this repository of all remote work tools.

Still in beta - would appreciate any feedback!
Day 21 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode #coding

-Finalize the styling for the main app
-Collect customer feedback..!