Day 99 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode
👉 (AI English writing assistant) is finally live!
🇬🇧English writing is hard for non-native speakers - solves this. Simply input in your first language to generate docs in perfect English.
Day 96 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode

-Frontend update in progress to allow demo for visitors w/o signup
-Language auto detect set up per user input

Quite a bit of progress today..!
Day 95 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode

Not so much progress today...but hoping to be more productive tomorrow. Good night everyone!
Day 94 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode

-More customer/market research for product positioning
-More front end work to get ready for the beta launch of's English version
Day 93 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode

-Frontend work to update the styling of the email generator tool
-Lots of research into product next steps and distribution plan
Day 92 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode

As I figure out the next steps for payment processing in Korea, I decided to set up a promotion to let all users try my tools for free. This will help me better understand the real use cases and needs of my users.
Day 91 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode
Just found out most of my Korean customers' payments via @stripe are getting declined by the local card issuers. Such a bummer - will have to look into other payment processors..!
Day 90 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode

Weekend getaway at a local forest. Got some fresh air to recharge after a busy week. Have a good weekend everyone!
Day 89 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode

Actions speak louder than words. If you have an idea, go build and test it out this weekend..!
Day 88 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode

User interviews followed by server-side code updates to fix minor bugs and improve performance. Busy day!
Day 87 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode

More programmatic SEO work today after seeing some promising signs. Let's gooooo!!
Day 86 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode

Forgot to tweet this past weekend. But still very busy building and selling. Have a great week everyone!
Day 85 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode

After 3 days of hard work (literally I was coding until 4am last night..), I've rdeployed and aubmitted 880 new pages for SEO. Fingers crossed!
Day 84 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode

Working on some programmatic SEO ideas today. More marketing work..!
Day 83 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode

-Fixed minor bugs
-Built and deployed the Spanish version for beta test
Day 82 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode

More marketing work this week to lay the groundwork for audience building. Let the word spread..!
Day 76 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode

-Built and deployed another tool that generates brand names per user input
-Continuing to brainstorm marketing ideas to reach the target audience organically
Day 75 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode

More signups but bummed that one of my users' payment got declined for some reason after passing the CVC check.....😥
Day 74 | #buildinpublic & #100DaysOfCode

What would you choose as a startup founder?
1. Small market with no competition
2. Big market with lots of competition