#buildinpublic update #6:

For every project I've done, I've used analytics software. GA, Hotjar, GTM, etc.

For this project, I'm not doing it. I care about privacy and wanna show it.

I'll use @SimpleAnalytic for website stats (which is anon), but that's it.

It'll be fine 👌
#buildinpublic update #5:

Mockups for the website...

Aside from that, I've been cleaning up the codebase because it is still really messy from when I was running EC2/SQLite. Need to change some basic bits on all the endpoints to account for the Aurora Data API. #indiehacker
#buildinpublic update #4:

Now I've gone serverless for this product, I just wanted to lay out why I switched to it.

1. Easy. Setting up an EC2 instance, provisioning capacity, ports etc is all extra work. It's simple, but I'd still rather not do it. It also means...
#buildinpublic update over the weekend:

Changed the architecture already 🙃 moved away from EC2 and SQLite to a serverless API and Amazon Aurora for the DB, so I never have to worry about scale and I can make use of the Aurora V1 data API.

Also made a start on the website
#buildinpublic update:

Working on authentication with Cognito. Because this app is using a react.js front end, it's client rendered vs server rendered so totally different to what I've built before.


I'm #buildinginpublic starting today. Spinning up a brand new product to provide insight, tracking and analysis for track and field athletes' performance in the UK.

Pretty niche, but it's a big enough audience I think