πŸ“£ MedGPT crossed over 400+ downloads on Play Store!

Next at Stemble...

@iamHammadNasir and I have decided to bring AI into action for @Stemble_

I'll give you a few hints as to what we are working on:
- imagine education via cartoon characters
- imagine talking to a dead famous scientist

πŸ‘€ Made something new:

🀝 SweetSupport - Your companion in diabetes. Ask your diabetes related questions like recipes, maintaining sugar levels etc.

Let me know your feedback.

Search: "I need an AI for medical advice"

Yep, that's MedGPT!

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Introducing There's An AI For That - the ChatGPT plugin that finds AI tools for any use case
Been working on updating the UI of MedGPT. Let me know how it looks πŸ‘‡

Wanna try? Comment below. πŸ’«

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MedGPT V1.0.5 is out now on Play Store! Go update πŸš€

Link in bio.

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➑️ Just made some improvements in the AI model of MedGPT.

Now, whenever you type in a drug name, it would return detailed information including:
πŸ‘‰the function of that drug
πŸ‘‰any warnings about that drug
πŸ‘‰the half-life of this drug


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So MedGPT saw a spike again today! πŸ“ˆ

Have you tried it yet? Go check it out: 🌟

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