Do you know someone who has a growing startup without in-house UX? Could you share it with me? #buildinpublic #saas #startup
To Jesus, wisdom should be translated by actions and not by rational arguments. Mat 11:19

Knowledge is shown to be right by actions results.

This posture allows us to understand complex things in your life.

Hope this message motivates you to start #buildinpublic
Welcome, December! ✌️ The end of the year is fast approaching. As a one-man company, how we can start by doing things differently and more effectively in 2022? #buildinpublic
Inspired by the #buildinpublic movement, I've decided to document my journey on here as I improve my company services and build out a new Design System made with @Figmadesign and based on the most promising @Reactjs UI library - @Chakra_ui. 🚀