Never did I ever appreciate research during my academic years as it was a hassle until I got introduced to UX & started building my own startup to solve a problem.

Research helps me address unknowns, mitigate risks and simply just understand my end-users.

September 14, 2021 - It's been a month since I posted under this #buildinpublic thread of mine but I would staying quiet has it perks too for my team and myself.

It provided clarify and peace to us while we constantly committing to our sprints to deliver better experiences
August 23, 2021 - Realized that driving automation in @TeemlyHQ isn't just about productivity boost but also to capture data insights (subject to legal policies in place) that will help alleviate customer experience.

I really can't stop appreciating the month of August since it was on this month that my co-founders and I had a eureka moment on solving a problem for teams.

Suprisingly it was @TeemlyHQ that came out of that ideation and CX calls

New updates to come this week! Can't wait to share this to the world

We're coming back stronger this week!

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New subscriber 🀩 and @TeemlyHQ just grew a total of 42.42% since @Sandb0xSchool finals πŸ™Œ

Closing this week with 500+ users and a number of personal and team subscribers πŸ₯Ί

Let's get that $100+ MRR soon πŸš€

Thank you for this @dexmarksthespot and kudos to the @SwarmWork team! I'm learning a lot from this and its really helping me as I build @TeemlyHQ in public πŸš€

Looks like I'll be asking and commenting more in the next couple of days/weeks πŸ™Œ