We’re doing something cool this March and will be sharing our learnings next month but here’s a gist

We focused our marketing approach into 2
> One focuses on driving traffic
> One focuses on nurturing community

Bullish on this πŸ“ˆ for @TeemlyHQ

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I'm starting this 🧡 thread to showcase all the lessons learned as well as daily activities we have at @TeemlyHQ πŸš€

Teemly didn't just settle for a scheduling platform but looks into serving and streamlining end-to-end client project management and collaboration
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The curves I needed to see πŸ“ˆ

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Just wanted to share this in public on how great it was working with @YKoeguel

He helped us at improve our website copy & other written content so that it’s eaiser for us and our customers on the value we provide in their problem

We’re doing experiments on social media once again. Let’s see where this goes πŸ‘€

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I’ve always been a firm believer of product-led. I will always will be. But, I remind my team at @TeemlyHQ that we should also value how to sell.

What is a great product if we cannot distribute it to those that need the solution.

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I think we (@TeemlyHQ) should have a separate call for creating improvements on how we can sell better.

Like fixing personas, customer journeys and sales pitch at end of every week. That way, we can see what customers see as valuable

The grind never stops

During my non-reading times, I’m doing cold chat/email/call πŸ˜‚

Pretty fun experience walking around the mall but also doing sales - and they reply and find my proposal interesting πŸ‘€

Let’s see where this goes

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Cool realization with my team at @TeemlyHQ 🧑

Strategy won’t be executed without ops

Also, ops won’t be effective without strategy

Startegy 🀝 Operations

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While building @TeemlyHQ, one thing I’ve learned is that if it fits your business model, try asking people to pay for your product or service AT DAY ONE!

Basically, test sellability at early stage. Why?


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Seeing this in @HubSpot is so satisfying.

Happy to close the deal πŸ”₯

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Reserving at least 2-4 hours per day to call with my potential users.

Hopefully as I talk to them they find it interesting to onboard the platform I’m building

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I want to help 1,000,000 people start as freelancers (or build their own agencies) - I will give you the tools to easily setup a streamline, value-adding lifestyle.


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Finished our meeting on how we plan to execute the strategies we planned last year for 2022.

Excited for the growth of @TeemlyHQ, a SaaS toolkit that helps streamline end-to-end client project management & collaboration, this year πŸš€

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When you #buildinpublic, your audience/tribe contributes to your roadmap a lot.
Working on my side hustles and seeing it work out and scale. Hits differently πŸ”₯

Hoping to experience more of this as I #buildinpublic with @TeemlyHQ (

It was this day I deleted my previous twitter account and created a new one last 2021.

This is to improve my feed with things I find valuable and because I want to grow, share content & #buildinpublic in Twitter.

Happy Anniversary to me!