Why are you still using dumb systems that you have to keep tracking and following up?

Use Legitt and keep up to date. All the time.

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Still tracking your contracts and agreements on mail, chat, WhatsApp, Skype and what not?


Use Legitt and always keep updated n real time on what is happening to your important documents.

Visit us at or mail us at [email protected] for early access.
Wrote a piece for @Inc42 on how the next generation of SaaS tools will be different from the current ones and help democratising tech.

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I have so much to share :)

Next few weeks will be a roller coaster ride when we roll out some amazing features to create and manage contracts for you.

You read that right, you don't have to create and manage contracts. @Legitthq will do it for you. Stay tuned :)

So true.

The idea is to find out what works, re-confirm it with more data points and then double down on it.

And, keep eliminating that does not work.

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0-1 is all about experimentation.

Every email and conversation is a positive OR negative data point to be placed as to where a repeatable theme/ insight arises.

Revenue is a lagging indicator of a successful experiment.