While this is #buildinpublic - it's not #NoCode

@nikhilkachare01 is going to setup the leaderboards in NextJS.

Just setup a @vercel account to host the app portions of
I'm building "In It Together" with my friend @nikhilkachare01 ...because it's so much more fun to do new things with someone else.

Tomorrow 12 noon to 12 midnight IST, we'll document the entire process while we #buildinpublic
@genericmikechen #buildinpublic is amazing - It's not just motivational - it's also educational. 🌱
Returning back to building out the tweet inspiration email tool with #NoCode

Here's my current thought process on what the app should do.

Thanks to @ishvert_97 for the idea for pushing me to do this #NoCode #buildinpublic