Is that a completely free to use Twitter Spaces Downloader 👀 ? #buildinpublic . Get ready for the public URL real soon! I'm really happy I've managed to get this project to where it's at right now!

Also, don't hesitate to reach out if you'd like to beta test it! ✌️
After a bit of HTML/CSS shenanigans, I present to you the email redesign for the Daily Discord digest tool I developed :). I'm really happy with the new look! #buildinpublic . Finished right before the next sendout!
I'll be upgrading some of Dailycord's back-end logic today :). It's been running inefficiently, which works fine anyway, but I will be happy I eliminated this early tech debt before the tool grows in popularity. #buildinpublic
I finally added a filter so that users of don't receive an email if no Discord announcements have been made in the communities they're following. #buildinpublic You can learn more about the tool at !