I'm surprised that the number of starter kit services out there isn't directly proportional (equal) to the number of indiehackers out there 😂🤔 #buildinpublic
Whats a better way to show that 1 requires an account and one doesn't? Having both with checks beside them seems odd 🤔

#buildinpublic #uidesign
prebuilt stripe checkout or custom payment flow? 🤔

would like to keep the user within the app, but maybe not worth effort right now?

when startup twitter says to launch early #indiehackers #buildinpublic
what you all using for auth these days? #buildinpublic #saas
mobile view is looking ready for launch 🚀 #buildinpublic
Early feedback was the thumbs looked like a way to "like" the icon rather than selecting different editing modes, liking this tweak so far 🙂

back from 4 days in Tofino surfing and hacking (just a little), loving working for myself :) just gotta launch and make some money to keep this dream going 😅 #buildinpublic
Changing product name from to ...too many people were mispronouncing it, and hopefully now its more obvious its icon related via the name 🤞🤞😬 #buildinpublic