Happy Friday! I made a post about how much money I've made and spent so far on Goblin.

I’m so glad I’m building in public, the community support here has been incredible πŸ€—

@YehudaZahler @goblin_tech_ Molly, you deserve a spot here. Not because I think you're flying under the radar, simply because I'm excited about what you're building.
love this new @flowdotclub feature--setting public intentions for the month. mine is that my MVP will be live for founding goblins by 8/31/22 ❀️‍πŸ”₯
#FlowClubChallenge #buildinpublic
Why the Goblin waiting list is $5:
1) helps defray the costs of running a company (legal fees, servers, dev tools--adds up quick)
2) it shows potential investors that customers are interested enough to spend money. it's so hard to get VC funding & this helps a lot!
unexpected favorite part of hosting my first @flowdotclub session: curating an hour long playlist with my favorite weird songs (hello Majestic by Wax Fang)…

#flowclubfriends #buildinpublic
Want to be a Founding Goblin? For $5, you'll get 2 months free, 50% off for 2 years, handwritten thank you with doodles/haiku, stickers, a hand-drawn Goblin avatar, VIP support, and my eternal gratitude. Available til 8/6/22. Sign up & MVP info on my site. Tsym #buildinpublic
mrw i'm a 90s kid turned indiehacker that needs to design stickers for my Founding Goblins ❀️‍πŸ”₯

If you use the free version of an app made by a tiny startup, make sure you leave reviews for them, β™₯️ their stuff on twitter, or reply to one of their update emails with a kind comment every once in a while... It will make a founder smile and give them momentum πŸ”₯
I love that #buildinpublic is a thing now. Stealthmode sounds lonely and nervewracking. I wouldn’t want to miss the magic of continuous iterable feedback.
"Don't criticize yourself while you're creating."

To create something from nothing, Goblinmode is an ideal mindset. No expectations, embarrassment, or opinions.

Be truly weird. Be yourself. See what happens. πŸ‘Ή

#BuildInPublic #BuildInFlowClub
welp I'm so excited about this $18! the life admin Goblin MVP is coming in the next couple of weeks to my Founding Goblins! πŸ₯°
for $5, you will get handwritten haiku/doodles, 2 months free, and 50% off personal user price for 2 years. link in profile. thank you πŸ™ #buildinpublic