What's everyone working on today? #buildinpublic

πŸ’Ό Me at work - Migrating codebase to React 18
πŸ€“ Me hustling - Building a pre-launch landing page for
#buildinpublic folks!

How do you get your app design inspiration?
@IAmPascio Glen from India here! πŸ‘‹

From student debt and a failed startup to a great frontend remote job I’ve come a long way. Now working on the next phase of building passive income streams while sharing lessons from my journey so far!

Day 2 of building Networthy πŸ€‘

Built a simple landing page for the user to get started immediately.

I want the user to get a feel of the app before having to signup. Any cons to this approach? πŸ€”

Day 1 of building Networthy πŸ€‘

- Setup the repo
- Created a simple landing page with a CTA to notify users when ready

Going to be tweeting anything and everything I learn trying to build my amputee brand from scratch and remote work tips as a Frontend dev.

Don’t hesitate to @ me if I slip up too long.