Sales and marketing are very interesting and probably the hardest parts of bootstrapping a SaaS product if you're an engineering-origin founder.

There is too much to learn, but I'm really enjoying discovering these challenging fields.

Some morning work. ☀️

Train your bot and try the result from the live preview. This builder view provides a good playground for testing your custom AI chatbot before publishing it.

#gpt4 #buildinpublic
You can see the all conversation history between visitors and your bot.

Also, you can track some metrics like avg. start rate, avg. message count per session, view count, etc.

Most LLM-powered chatbots do not remember the previous message the user said as default since it'll increase token usage and price.

With mevo, you can set this preference easily. Of course, this will increase pricing but it may be worth it for some cases.

#gpt4 #buildinpublic
After some more research about tax management and talking with early-stage SaaS founder friends, I decided to switch my payment service provider preference to Paddle from Stripe.

This decision brings hours of development work but I believe it'll be worth it.

When users onboarded, it's not easy for them to discover what are the capabilities of the product. Especially for products that require complex UI interactions.

Providing templates may be one of the best solutions for converting newcomers to active users. 👌

This little blinking dot is a pathfinder for first-time users.

I thought the title and description were enough to motivate users to click.

But then I decided to add this indicator after observing people continuously trying to click irrelevant places.

Üzerinde çalıştığımız yeni ürünü #buildinpublic konseptiyle geliştirebilir miyiz diye düşünüyorum ama "neyi ne kadar detaylı ve ne sıklıkla paylaşmalıyız" konusuna karar vermek biraz zor.

Şu insanlar şu ürünü public geliştirdi ve çok da iyi oldu diyebileceğiniz bir proje var mı?