It's not like I need another thing to work on. I've already got my hands full with @usebasin and @makeitshipable, but I thought this was a pretty decent .com.

I've got my ideas, but if you bought this domain, what product would you build? 🤔

Anyone have any good examples of relative short, focused customer success stories?

I have a bunch of data and quotes from customer surveys, but I’m struggling coming up with formatting them into a compelling story.

Links appreciated 🙏🏻

#SaaS #CustomerSuccess #buildinpublic
What email marketing tool are you using to share content with your audience?

I'm thinking about building an audience for @makeitshipable and sending actionable design, growth, and product tips weekly or monthly.

Would this be helpful for fellow #indiehackers?

So I launched a new productized service today for startup tech founders.

Truth is I could have launched it early last week. So why didn’t I?

Fear — it keeps us from doing a lot of things.

What is fear keeping you from doing today?

After taking MUCH longer than necessary, I finally did it.

V2 of my new productized service's landing page is live!

Re-introducing 🚀

Now to hook up the button on each service card to its own form. It never really ends, does it? 😉

It's been a long time since I've built a landing page focused more on content than design. It was frustrating, but rewarding. 🙏

It's not done yet, but it's a start.

Introducing @makeitshipable /

Experiment time! 🧪

Are you building a product?

Are you currently feeling blocked by some design or marketing task you just can't seem to push through?

Reply here or shoot me a DM with some details and I'll see what I can do to get you unblocked! 🚀

So, I started another thing... 😂

Who else has a tough time with storytelling in their landing page copy?

I've got the core messaging and positioning in my head, but I'm having a heck of a time articulating it on paper.

At least I made some progress tonight.

Doing some domain hunting today for a new idea I'm working on.

What are your go-to tools for coming up with names for your new ventures?

You know what's fun? Pivots are fun 😀

I think I've finally arrived at a solid, core offering for one of the new services I'm working on spinning up!

More details soon, and hopefully a landing page to start in with validation.

I'm excited! Are you excited?! 🥳

Have you used a logo generator for a startup project? Did the output make any meaningful visual connection to your product in any way?

Robots didn't build your product - you did. So why let a robot brand it, when a human can do it better?

#buildinpublic #designmatters
Who could point me towards some good resources for launching and marketing an ebook? Any particular people I should talk to?

Asking for a friend 🙏

#ebooks #buildinpublic
How do you handle spam on your product lead gen and/or support forms? How much time do you spend manually scrubbing emails?

What about spam accounts for your product? How are you identifying and dealing with those? Is your process manual or automated?

I've been working hard at messaging and positioning for @nanobranded this week. Started building the landing page and wanted to share some progress

If you're an indie hacker who could use some help with design and messaging for your project, say hello! 👋

Each morning I sit down to work, this is the first thing I see.

It reminds me…

… not to obsess over the details.

… not to reinvent the wheel.

… progress is better than perfect.

Ship something today. You’ll be better for it tomorrow.

Each morning I sit down to work, this is the first thing I see.

It reminds me…

… not to obsess over details only I’ll notice.

… not to reinvent the wheel.

… that progress is better than perfect.

Ship something today. You’ll be better for it tomorrow.

Considering moving some of my static projects to another platform.

Who gets your vote?


Thoughtful opinions appreciated 👍

@NafetsWirth - Write 4 customer stories for @usebasin
- Figure out messaging and build a landing page for @nanobranded
- Market, market, market

Moved one step closer to launching my logo design service for the indie hacker community today.

Got my twitter handle -- @thenanobrand

Next up, website. 🤘

Does your project need a new look? Just 👋 if you'd like to explore what could be 😀

@iLucaMicheli Hi all 👋

I’m building @usebasin, a plug-and-play form backend that collects, filters, stores, and distributes your submission data — automagically 💪