If you could have any @ in the Twitter universe to claim as your own, which @ would you want ?

Fortunately and Lucky for me. I got what I wanted.

Seriously asking.

Which is better?
Beehiiv or substack?

What tools can you recommend using for Twitter growth. Any good ones that won't break the bank?

#growthhacking #buildinpublic
Beautiful. Just got access to Claude from @AnthropicAI
Going to be integrating Claude into
very soon. Stay tuned. #buildinpublic
For #indiehackers and #buildinpublic

Have you considered LTD offers for your SaaS? Specifically, how do you come up with your pricing for such a deal? Are you pricing it going for quick adoption? Do you price it for some type of longevity? Enlighten me.
Have you seen a major significance in how your tweets are engaged with after subscribing to Twitter Blue?

Asking for a friend.

#TwitterBlueTick #buildinpublic
Who else uses Mind Maps in laying out their thoughts, whether for personal or business?

Do you continue to use Mind Maps after you launched?

Don't know who needs to hear this but keep building. Today was not a waste.