woke up to check page stats, and pleasantly surprised with this 🥹

gonna start building it asap 🚀

coming soon!

Seems like this idea’s going to be picking up some steam 🚀

Also whoever built, you’re awesome I love this as a validation tool, really

If you’re looking to build something, test it on before building

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working on marketing's super unintuitive to me, it's crazy

it feels like learning how to drive when you've been taking the public transpo everyday...


If you have your niche pinned down, also try to find independent forums around your niche to launch or even distrubute on

Make the post personal or story driven

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The moment you launch a product you're gonna hate it, it's like art it'll never be perfect, "absolutely normal"

Or you can keep making new stuff, "that's what artists do"

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@bubble users, is anyone having performance issues with mobile version of your apps even with just a one-pager?

It loads fine on web, but on iOS it doesn't respond at all.

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As a no-code developer, you can't afford to miss out on this guide to setting up custom Google Analytics events with Bubble 👇…

#nocode #bubble #buildinpublic's has a really pleasant user experience for generating and handling compliance documents

It took me 10 mins to generate comprehensive privacy policy and terms docs fro hookgenie ♥️

What's the optimal amount of emojis in a Tweet (or tweet per thread)? 🫶

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Giving away 2 lifetime IndieInsights Pro lifetime-accesses before launch day! 🎟️🔑

Catch? Just roast my MVP in the comments Please be constructive and not just mean HAHA!

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OpenAI just got back to me and GenieTweets will still need to go under a rename to get approved 🤷‍♂️

Any mention of "tweets" isn't allowed 🥹

This is gonna need significant rework to achieve so i'll do it probably after IndieInsight's launch

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Just subbed to trends(.vc) & saw
💎 curation-as-a-service 💎
which I think falls under!

A couple of examples:

1. @robhope - curates design and dev resourcs with @LoveCurated


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i'll be launching a new product this week called indieinsights ♥️💡

what it is and 3 reasons why it'll definitely help you if you're building a saas business alone

a thread 🧵


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things i got done yesterday for indieinsights:
✅stripe payment integ
✅mobile respon.

for today:
🔳qa everythaang
🔳randomize insight load
🔳add 100+ more insights

let's goooo 😁

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connecting airtable to bubble is super underrated ⚡️

1. response time is surprisingly fast
2. changing data on airtable has better ux than on bubble

a downside though

1. data changes don't update the site in real time, a refresh is needed

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i'll be building 2 new things:

⚡️a database of bite-sized summaries of insights from successful indiehackers

🕸️ a reference site of screens and flows for web3 applications (very excited with this!)

follow me if you wanna join in on the journey 😁

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As a solopreneur, I often have to wear many hats. Today, I'm feeling extra entrepreneurial, so I'm wearing all of them! #indiehacker #buildinpublic