Morning everyone 🌀️

Today's First User Fridays Issue features @satvikpendem, how he went viral on Reddit and got 18,000+ users when he launched Darkmodes .com πŸš€

Really awesome convo with plenty of insights! Thanks for the time Satvik!…

Just got a 300 USDC airdrop from Uniswap just by using Genie a few months ago πŸ«°πŸ’°

Collected the user flow and screens for it too for W3Design since it's a one-time thing! Win-win! πŸ’–

For product designers in Web 3 here ya go!…

#buildinpublic #web3
can’t wait to release to the 123 people that signed up three weeks ago

sorry to keep everyone waiting haha πŸ˜…

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Trouble finding users? πŸ€”

Here's how @yogesharc grew Remote3, a niche job board, to 1,600+ users in a few months. πŸš€

You might get some value out of this, I definitely did!

Thanks again for the time Yogesh!

#buildinpublic #indiehackers…
Trouble finding users? πŸ€”

Here's how Tim @Timb03 grew @pallyysocial from 1 to 24k+ users!

Thanks for sharing Tim! 😁

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checked out most of the tasks yesterday, just got a few more payments related workflows and conditionals for today

time to exit twitter and focus

here's how you get a group focus element to open while an input is in focus in @bubble

useful for:
- search bars and its results
- multi-select inputs and options

(spoiler alert, it doesn't involve a group focus element!)

#bubbletips #buildinpublic

got a lot done yesterday, but still a few more things to get through today...

woke up to check page stats, and pleasantly surprised with this πŸ₯Ή

gonna start building it asap πŸš€

coming soon!

Seems like this idea’s going to be picking up some steam πŸš€

Also whoever built, you’re awesome I love this as a validation tool, really

If you’re looking to build something, test it on before building

#buildinpublic #indiehacker
working on marketing's super unintuitive to me, it's crazy

it feels like learning how to drive when you've been taking the public transpo everyday...


If you have your niche pinned down, also try to find independent forums around your niche to launch or even distrubute on

Make the post personal or story driven

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The moment you launch a product you're gonna hate it, it's like art it'll never be perfect, "absolutely normal"

Or you can keep making new stuff, "that's what artists do"

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@bubble users, is anyone having performance issues with mobile version of your apps even with just a one-pager?

It loads fine on web, but on iOS it doesn't respond at all.

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