3 months ago, we had 0 followers and 0 product ideas...

Now we have over 300 followers and approaching our first product launch!🤯🥳

Thank you #buildinpublic community for your support! 🥰
It was refreshing to work on @ShortifyAI at a coworking space today! 🏙️

We were locked in for 8 hours!

A change of scene really does wonders for our productivity.

Decided to meet up to work on our beta launch, pending this month.

What has everyone been working on?

#buildinpublic confession: I don't know if I'll ever quit my 9-5.
#buildinpublic, be honest, how often do you look at your numbers on Twitter?
Working on @ShortifyAI while moving apartments, let's go!

Be on the lookout for our beta, coming soon!

#buildinpublic, how are you working on more than one product at the same time?

@ShortifyAI is the only one we're working on and it is a lot of work for us...
Every time someone gives us positive feedback, it warms our heart and fuels us to keep going. Love the #buildinpublic community!❤️

Shoutout too @IndieMinimalist and @AlexTheGoodman as well for also giving us encouraging comments.
@ctrl_alt_launch By the way your is really game changer, keep up the great work 💪
6 hour road trip today == 6 hours of working on our side project @ShortifyAI!

Our Twitter mindset: grow together as a community.

What are you all working on today?

We had our first Heroku charge of $12.36 today.

Pushing for a launch this month so we don't get charged again without any alpha users.

Our deadline to launch @ShortifyAI should hopefully be by the next month we get charged 😂

Would anyone be interested in learning @LangChainAI alongside of us?

Tell me a coder overthinks without telling me a coder overthinks:

We were working on adding a small UI component for @ShortifyAI and Jay was hesitant on signing off on it cause it was "too easy" to implement. 🤦

Honestly, building our first SaaS @ShortifyAI from scratch, from authentication to payments, has given us more technical and marketing experience than our 9-5 jobs have in the past year!

Work has been busy this week for both of us.

We only got time to work on @ShortifyAI for 3 hours this week...hopefully the rest of the week is better!

Anyone else follow their competitors on social media?

Found a few other AI video clipping tools out there...

It's not stalking 😂... it's research to help us refine our unique value proposition.

We never realized how many custom emails people have until we started a waitlist for @ShortifyAI

We updated the landing page for @ShortifyAI using #buildinpublic's feedback, Version 2.

What do you guys think?
Definitely becoming a Twitter addict more than any other social media platform we're on.