Just pushed out another release for a side startup -

NoCode on Bubble in 30 days.

Any suggestions on marketing?

v2 launch of today!

Get SMS alerts when a stock meets your desired criteria.

It needs a lot of polish and optimizations, but I wanted to get something pushed today.

Check it out and provide feedback below!

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It always feels like you're getting nowhere until you look backward.

More and more I want to offload DevOps to hosted services like Bubble and Webflow.

Recently, due to increased traffic and more backend calculations necessary for our LLC/Corp State Compliance service, we needed to migrate to a larger AWS server....

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Big brush strokes take little time.

It's the details that make something amazing.

What are great books and/or resources on building a community?

What are great examples of communities that work great?

What are bad examples of communities that floundered and why?

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Who is the best person to discuss SEO and Bubble?

@BetterLegal's static marketing site is NextJS and that won't change.

But i'm thinking we use the upcoming Bubble to host a marketplace for users to explore other tools/services.

Things will break.

Leave yourself data breadcrumbs everywhere.

Having to manually enter dozens of forms sucks, but not being able to retrieve that data sucks much worse.

I have 297 active Zaps in 30 folders.

Just removed 165 inactive ones.

Rebuilding and pruning what I can.

Wish me luck...

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BetterLegal just clocked over $300k for the first time.

$6.65m lifetime and $47.8k MRR.

Notice the slow spiral downwards in the 2nd half of 2021.

AMA about my journey #buildinpublic
Are there any programmatic SEO experts out there?

I have a very specific need to generate 1500 pages from a spreadsheet that contains information about all the various filings an LLC and Corp can make in all 50 states which has been collected by us over 5 years.

Creating a marketing strategy is similar to creating a product.

It's something you build, experiment, and iterate on.

You don't give up on your product, so why would you give up on the thing that lets people discover and enjoy it?

#buildinpublic and share with us.
For me personally, Twitter has become what Linkedin should have been.

By sharing my journey publicly, I have had 3 exceptionally talented people drop into my DMs and help level up my business.

#buildinpublic and don't be afraid to share. Your business and network will benefit.
Join as many Slack and Discord groups as you can, you'll naturally mesh with certain groups and find your home.

Here are a few i'm in šŸ‘‡
#nocode #buildinpublic
Bootstrap with #NoCode and #buildinpublic for moral support.


Raise money, hire expensive devs that build in a black box, and have investors control your company's destiny.
We started @BetterLegal NoCode with Typeform, Zapier, and Asana and did our first 500 filings this way.

I build a system that replaced Asana w/Salesforce and to 2k filings.

Custom code and $200k+ took us to 10k filings.

Rebuilding everything on @Bubble now

#buildinpublic šŸ‘‡
Trade Beacons is my first @bubble project #buildinpublic #NoCode @BuildSell30

Uses to power the SEC interactions.

Making these SEC Flows public soon so you can make your own stock service.ā€¦ v1 is live

Search a stock, make a comment, view recent SEC filings
Learning NoCode and marketing is not hard.

Start following and engaging with people on Twitter that talk about #NoCode #buildinpublic or #marketing.

Let the algo introduce you to new people. Follow them and engage.

Find the people you jive with and listen to/buy their content.
Failure builds character and experience.

Build NoCode. Practice marketing. Talk to customers.

Tighten your scope.

Amazon sold books for four years before expanding to music and videos in 1998.

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