This one didn’t make the cut but shows an even more accurate depiction of my current hair day and feeling towards the 21 approaching.

Some send Looms, some emails.

Me? I send Youtube unlisted videos of myself talking to my contact.

GigaChad Energy.

Apparently having a memorable facial feature (when tested showing images at 200ms) is very favourable for being remembered.

What do you think #buildinpublic and #indiehacker gang.

Should the moustache make a come-back?
🚢 Tags 🚢

90% ready.

Time to get some tests going 🥱🥱🥱

Ok so new challenge. Have to build my own url shorter for @ShelfQR asset tags so they fit in an NFC.

Fun fact NXP semiconductors HQ are 20km from my house.

#buildinpublic #indiehacker
Daily experiment: NTAG215 stickers with QR codes for @ShelfQR

Need to change an item location? Tap it, a session is open, tap it back to mark its new location.

Now, go drink a coffee. You're all done.

#buildinpublic #indiehackers
🚢 today.

Shelf tags are one of the tools you can use to group your assets, based on similar details.

Tags play a vital role in organizing your assets.

“Location: Office”, “Owner: John”, “Category: Laptop”, “Value: $1000”, “Serial number: 123456789”

Who is going to the next web this upcoming Friday?

Any #buildinpublic #indiehackers that want to meet up?
If your asset gets lost or someone scans your code they can leave you a message.

Cant wait to deliver 1000s of these per month/week/day/hour at some point.

#dreams #buildinpublic

Is this what y'all call market validation?


Also, now, what to do?! I have to take a good look at my pricing model and take this signal seriously.

What do you think you can get there?


Helping out my brother in law with a project 💪
1 Year from now:

Indiehackers after being influenced by @peer_rich and @levelsio to lift heavy often.