If your asset gets lost or someone scans your code they can leave you a message.

Cant wait to deliver 1000s of these per month/week/day/hour at some point.

#dreams #buildinpublic

Is this what y'all call market validation?


Also, now, what to do?! I have to take a good look at my pricing model and take this signal seriously.

What do you think you can get there?


Helping out my brother in law with a project 💪
1 Year from now:

Indiehackers after being influenced by @peer_rich and @levelsio to lift heavy often.

All I wanted was to have tags for all my items. Now, I made it work.

I am so happy. But also nervous. What if people do not want to use this? Then, all I have is

Rejection is better than regret.

I am happy I built @ShelfQR and am curious if others will use it.
Tagging all my assets with @ShelfQR in case I ever lose them.


Who wants asset tags? 🏷️
Anyone here interested in seeing if it makes sense for our sites/blogs to link with each other?


I am fighting against Giants in the SEO space to compete with @ShelfQR

Perhaps you are in the same boat. Let's talk!
Designer: Should we get a stock picture for our 'customer support/feedback component'?

Me: No, use my face.

Someone here built a Reddit "AI" search. I cannot remember who it was.

Anyone can help?

Clouds of churn descend,
Revenue slips through my grasp,
Retain, renew, thrive.

That's it. I finished my google ads experiment for @ShelfQR beta applicants.

Results below.

Starting to get somewhere. Now need to check out what is going with my tiling service.

Did someone already built a product hunt release calendar to gain commitments for support? #buildinpublic