Also shipped.

Asset Location change log.

(This one might kick me in the butt for performance)

But, why not!

#buildinpublic #equipmentmanagement
@ShelfQR Once you selected your assets, there they are!

Your full asset db is search-able through:

- Items list
- Locations list

Not much, but it's honest work!

If I am attracted to shipping. Does that make me a shipsexual?


What did you ship today?

I have a cool mic.

Who's my first guest and what should we talk about?

I bought this domain years ago. My dream is to find some cool #indiehackers and make a digital inter webs conference featuring the coolest #buildinpublic stories.

Anyone want to team up?
Did any #buildinpublic person ever did a workday livestream or 'open office' hours?

Considering making one. Could be fun.
Seems like Clickup is going for the #1 spot of the day on product hunt.

Them vs Us.

Can you show us your support?

@ShelfQR However, do they have support of Twitter? I doubt it.

Will we all #buildinpublic and #indiehacker community unite to support shelf?

I hope so!

30+ beautiful humans will be supporting us. Will you too?…
Advice from my mother on launching on Product hunt the 21st of June with @ShelfQR

"Do it Scared, but -- do it"

Entrepreneurship is much easier if you stand on the shoulder of giants (kind of a joke bc my mom measures 1.52cm) but you get the quote.