That company you applied for a job at and they didn’t even email you back

is going to be your client one day.

Keep building! ✊🏻

Stop complicating the creation process. Just share your process, journey, daily insights, past experiences, life lessons, and the list goes on.

You have plenty to talk about, just give yourself permission to do it.

Stop worrying about what everyone thinks, sharing your ideas in the public square is an admirable trait that requires courage and tenacity that few have.

I'm coming up on my 11th month of creating in public full time.

I've been enjoying that "runner's high" for a couple of months now and it feels damn good.

You can get to this point one day too 💪🏻

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"Do you want to know the secret to hiking? You put one foot in front of the other until you reach the top." -famous hiker (unknown).

I look at content creation the exact same way.

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Keep building,

keep experimenting and no matter what keep being consistent.

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Yes, we get that immediate dopamine kick.


but there's an even bigger rush waiting for you

when you realize that your content is a giant portfolio that anyone can tap into at any time, that's a great feeling. 😄

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Building in public has taught me so much about spelling & grammar that I never learned in school👏