🔥 Gonna do something special with @MeetKevon next Thursday!

Full announcement will go out in 6 hours.
New feature:

👉 When someone asks a new question on, the question automatically goes out as a tweet, now!

Next up:

🔜 TwolveIt should automatically collect the answers that arrive both directly on itself and as replies on Twitter!

In four hours, we'll have a Twitter space for indie entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small agencies.

Topic: Pricing intelligently

Don't miss it. Set a reminder!
#ship30for30 #buildinpublic
A Twitter space hosted by @twolveIt…

"Twolve" your questions, and I'll ask them to Rod in the Twitter space.

Sign up here:

Then ask your questions on this page:

Join us with LIVE audio next Wednesday: 👇
Note to self:

Next time one of your JavaScript programs doesn't do what it should, make sure you didn't forget an "await".

Wow, it finally works again after the bug fix.

And it won’t consume my entire Twitter budget again!

Good morning Twitter!

Today, I'll do some coding for @twolveIt, before I host the Twitter space with @rodaparicio_ about pricing strategies.

Okay, the new feature had to wait because it took me the whole day to squash the bug. 🐛🪲🐞

And: I found another one, I guess. 🙄

Sometimes a builder's day is a surprise!
Good morning, Twitter!

Another good day to continue with my work on, the awesome "tweet + solve" question/answer site.

Today's goal:
One bug fix and one feature.

Good morning, Twitter!

Another good day to continue with my work on, the awesome "tweet + solve" question/answer site.

Today's goal:
One bug fix and one feature.

Hmmm... 🤔
It looks as if I made a mistake. is clearly doing too much! 😳

I must fix that.
During the last week, I was having problems with poor query performance on the database for

- I brushed up my knowledge of databases.
- I replaced the data access layer with something simpler.

Okay, now I'll work on a better homepage.
Writing some documentation for my future self, now.
Today was not so great for building @twolveIt . 🤷‍♂️

I refactored some code that turned out as unreliable anyway, so I could have saved some effort by not doing this.

Tomorrow I will throw out that code and replace it by something more robust, hopefully.

More and more questions are showing up on my new Q&A site: “Twolve It! Ask a question and get an answer from an expert”
Good! Tags are now visible in the @twolveIt user interface. They filter the questions if you click on them:
Today, I'm working on tags in @twolveIt . I want them to work like this example:

[at]twolveIt add question #Philosophy
What is the meaning of life?
The more I work with @PostgreSQL , the more I like it. 👍

This week I used a special form of INSERT to make sure a record is inserted only once.

It even works with hundreds of records at a time.

Nice! #buildinpublic
Ha, cool, the first question with a hashtag has been imported correctly into @twolveIt !

Next up: Now I need to visualize the tags in the UI and make them searchable.

@bohlenlabs @manuscriptgal Your question has been twolved!

See it here:…
Okay, today I wanted to...

1) fix one bug in @twolveIt
2) add a feature (tags for questions)

Actually, I...

1) fixed that bug plus several other bugs
2) added the missing "sign out" function

Was that a productive day? 🤔

TIL: If something can theoretically be null or undefined, it will be practically be so, too.

Prepare for the worst case, the null coalesce operator is your friend!

#javascript #buildinpublic
Now the questions page on @twolveIt begins to look more interesting: #buildinpublic

One tiny detail: The time now has a timezone identifier.

But it may be just me who needs this. 🤔😉