Today, I will start to code a new feature for 2Quiet2Market:

• drag/drop existing marketing elements onto a new board

• allows introverts to tell one, more complex, story per board

• but re-use the features, qualities and benefits they used on another board!

Wrote this new page within 72 minutes:…

Does anyone want to give me feedback on this?
Whoops, writing documentation takes me longer than expected! 😲⏲️

I had planned to code this week, but writing user docs took priority.

The good thing is: The more I write, the more structure I get.

And: I get a lot of content (good for SEO and Twitter).
New user docs:

• The video on this page explains how merge tags work in 2Quiet2Market:…

• This completes the "Concepts" section of the user docs.

Tomorrow, I'll write the "use cases" section.
🧑‍💻It feels good to write down user documentation for my new marketing software for introverted makers.

💡Clears my mind and gives me enough structure to go on.

🚀And it will hopefully help my users be successful with 2Quiet2Market.
✍️Wrote the first pages of user docs for @2quiet2market .

🌅Tomorrow, I'll continue with that.

🔢In the future, I can extract the most important parts of the docs and convert them into product tours or wizards for onboarding new users.

Today, I added a bit of code to 2Quiet2Market so that I can write user documentation and deploy it on the website.

Tomorrow, I can start writing the basic docs so that my users know:

- who is it for
- what is it
- how does it help

It could be a great form of marketing to write user documentation for a SaaS feature that you don’t have yet.

What do you think about this? #buildinpublic
Just had another great onboarding call with a brave early adopter of 2Quiet2Market.

Amazing: I'm learning so much, and it's fun!

This time, I saw what happens when my tool runs under Linux. I think I need to get a Linux box to test it (got Mac and Windows here).

Watch me add a new feature for a solopreneur like you:
🔸 copy the copy that you wrote and generated
🔸 from 2Quiet2Market
🔸 into whatever other tools you're using

@marvr_ @2quiet2market Yep, even got that Zoom and Pan functions working correctly today. Feels like progress. #buildinpublic
This week I mostly give training and workshops, in my day job.

Coding for @2quiet2market will have to wait until the weekend. #buildinpublic
The stream is over, it was fun to make it!

Watch the recording here:…
Wow, the first 10 users have signed up for Such a nice present to receive on a Sunday morning! #buildinpublic
Tomorrow, I'll be doing a #buildinpublic LIVE stream on Twitch. Do you want to come?

It's at 10 o'clock UTC (11 o'clock CET). My Twitch handle is "bohlenlabs"
Today, I worked on the dark mode version of @2quiet2market

@kilianvalkhof pointed me towards Radix Colors, so I could make it work quite easily.

some parts of the app still need some love, but that’s easy as well. #buildinpublic
New free offer to my fellow startup founders here:

👉 Would you like me to …

- think out loud
- while reading your product’s landing page
- extracting a positioning plan from it
- doing this in public
- on a Twitch stream?

Cool feedback for your product! #buildinpublic
Yay, good progress with 2quiet2market today! The new auto-completion works in the copy editor!

I will make a demo video about it. #buildinpublic
This is a short video testimonial for – so excited to see that Felix has add "thread analytics" to it!

See for yourself! #buildinpublic