Added color picker for both background and text for my svg logo maker on LogoStoreAI

Also added a few new fonts

Added a SVG logo maker to LogoStoreAI πŸ–Ό

Most logos are made of just the name of the company/product/service, so maybe this will help.

SVG format is ideal when resizing since this doesn't lose any quality as other formats such as png and jpg.

#buildinginpublic #buildinpublic
Improved the common answer feature, now it gives more solid answers like this:

Added a generate button πŸͺ„ next to each bullet point to rewrite bullet points using AI

You can also edit the bullet points if needed

Feel free to try it out by going to ResumeBoostAI

Added a resume builder/editor to ResumeBoostAIπŸ€–, now you can create a resume from scratch and download it as PDF when done.

The current template is ideal for software/developer jobs

More templates to ResumeBoostAI coming soon!
Launched bare-bones version of HireJrDevs 2.0

-Adding new boards and filters as I tweet this + first month is free

- $3.99 per month

HireJrDevs 2.0 update:

- Got some jobs
- Automated posting process
- Nice table layout

Uploaded some new logos to LogoStoreAI today, check them out:

- Added a few categories to LogoStoreAI πŸ› οΈ
- The categories are being populated slowly
- More logos and categories coming soon

Project #6 June - LogoStoreAI πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

I decided to focus on something that I always spent a ton of time doing when launching projects which is choosing a logo, so I decided to create a store with AI-generated logos ready to use.
After launching the new product on Monday, I'll be focusing on growing the other AI tools and work on HireJrDevs.

Let's hope I can stop building for a sec and focus on the existing projects πŸ˜…

New AI product launching on @ProductHunt on Monday πŸš€

You can now use the tool to produce some common answers to questions like Why do you want to work at x? or What makes you a good fit to work at x?

The feature is in beta mode meaning that the AI is still being fine-tuned to give a very strong answer.

I have worked on many things over the weekend including making the bullet point generator produce more strong outputs, but the most important feature I implemented was the common answers feature ⁉️

The common answers generator still works reliably and of course it could be improved, so working on that too.

Feel free to checkout ResumeBoostAI πŸ€– and if you have any feedback like what other questions I should include or anything, feel free to let me know

ResumeBoostAI Update πŸ€–πŸš¨:

My AI tool is doing great in terms of traffic which led to more people signing up and checking out the tool which also led to more sales πŸŽ‰

At this point I believe the idea has been validated and it's worth keep building upon it
Forgot to attach the image πŸ˜“
Improved ResumeBoostAI prompt to give 5 bullet point alternatives instead of 6, but now the bullet points are more detailed ✍️

Btw now you get 10 tokens for $5, so it's been doubled since last time πŸ“ˆ

I was working on my new project but after seeing how ResumeBoostAI is doing I'm switching back to it to add more features and make it better πŸ› οΈ