🚀 More progress with RustyInk! Here's what I've added:

- Auto generate robots.txt
- Auto generate sitemap.xml
- Initialize empty projects

⭐ #buildinpublic
Last weekend I began a new project: RustyInk. It's an open-source static site generator written in Rust. #buildinpublic #oss

RustyInk will be simple, highly customisable and blazing fast. I'll share more updates soon! ⭐
🚨 JUST RELEASED: Our new UI for email and RSS subscriptions is here! #buildinpublic 👀…
I'm using an age-old hack to boost conversions for Push app: discount emails! 😄 #buildinpublic

Today, I launched a game-changing cron job that sends tailored discounts to users who abandon their cart. Check out the deets 👇
Killed it this week on my open-source projects:

- Rust image API is production-ready 🚀
- Unleashed a flurry of changes & features for ManagePrompt 💪
- Squashed a nasty bug with Netdata app 🐛

Next week? Recharging 😴 #buildinpublic
To minimise testing efforts, I've started writing automated tests for basic features. Using Vercel's @checklyHQ integration currently to do that.

Example: Ensures availability of all external APIs. #buildinpublic
I'm looking for decent content writing services that are affordable. I've used Fiverr before, but I wasn't satisfied with the final product. Any recommendations? #buildinpublic
In the world of indie hacking, paid marketing can be a tricky game. The high levels of competition and steep customer acquisition costs, particularly for SaaS products, can make it challenging to see meaningful results. #buildinpublic
Just made a big decision: time to switch up my VSCode & Vim theme! Been rocking the GitHub theme forever, but it's time for something fresh. Introducing my new theme: catppuccin! 🌟 #newlook #buildinpublic
After receiving consistent feedback from Lighthouse/PageSpeed Insights, I took action and addressed the issue regarding proper image sizes. As the images were uploaded by the users, I utilised an API to seamlessly resize them on the spot. #buildinpublic
My customers are amazing! They've been sending me killer feature ideas that I never would have thought of.

Some were so obvious, it hurts. Can't believe I missed them 😅 #buildinpublic
When building new products, I take pride in using my own creations. That's why I implemented #ChangesPage, a platform that allows me to setup change log pages for all my products. #buildinpublic
We're rolling out a Zapier update for our killer new feature: notification channels. #buildinpublic #PushByTechulus

25% done ✅

Check it out:…
Deciding whether or not to build a GitHub action for ChangesPage? 🤔

While my Zapier integration does allow for integration with GitHub, nothing beats the versatility and customisability of a custom-built action. #buildinpublic
Our last release for `Push didn't go as planned - all the dates and times were off. It was a user who raised a support ticket who brought this to our notice.

😌 However, we were able to respond quickly and rectified everything fairly quickly. #buildinpublic
🚀 Teased it long enough, now it's happening! 💥 Push version 4.0 is coming with a massive update! #buildinpublic
GCP to AWS ECS migration update: It's been live for a month and it's crushing it. Auto-scaling is working like a dream - we've seen up to 23 instances during peak hours. #buildinpublic
I was working on a big feature for my React Native app (5 year old codebase). Hooks were non-existent, so the frustrations forced me to refactor. Is this an all-too familiar experience? #buildinpublic