We're rolling out a Zapier update for our killer new feature: notification channels. #buildinpublic #PushByTechulus

25% done βœ…

Check it out:…
Deciding whether or not to build a GitHub action for ChangesPage? πŸ€”

While my Zapier integration does allow for integration with GitHub, nothing beats the versatility and customisability of a custom-built action. #buildinpublic
Our last release for `Push didn't go as planned - all the dates and times were off. It was a user who raised a support ticket who brought this to our notice.

😌 However, we were able to respond quickly and rectified everything fairly quickly. #buildinpublic
πŸš€ Teased it long enough, now it's happening! πŸ’₯ Push version 4.0 is coming with a massive update! #buildinpublic
GCP to AWS ECS migration update: It's been live for a month and it's crushing it. Auto-scaling is working like a dream - we've seen up to 23 instances during peak hours. #buildinpublic
I was working on a big feature for my React Native app (5 year old codebase). Hooks were non-existent, so the frustrations forced me to refactor. Is this an all-too familiar experience? #buildinpublic
Over 1K active @zapier zaps in the last monthβ€”amazing! 🀩πŸ”₯ #buildinpublic
I've been working on it for a while, and finally our enterprise users can take advantage of Push's new async notification API!

Using @googlecloud Pub/Sub behind the scenes to send more notifications than ever before. #buildinpublic
I recently released a feature for changes[dot]page that lets users send email notifications for updates. It was a fun project as I tried to implement event-driven functions in Next.js #buildinpublic

Behind the scenes it's using @inngest and @postmarkapp... 🧡
🚨 Release alert 🚨

It's here, one of the most requested feature for Push is now available. #buildinpublic…
Ah, I think I might have a memory leak here. πŸ˜…
I'm running an Express server in a Docker container using AWS ECS. Any tips or techniques to help me debug this? #buildinpublic
πŸ’£ The plan didn't go as expected!

AWS App Runner is buggy and deployments failed multiple times. Troubleshooting was difficult, I couldn’t find useful logs anywhere, plus the UI has limited controls - so I had to dive into AWS CLI. #buildinpublic
I’m going to migrate Capture APIs from GCP cloud run to AWS AppRunner tonight. πŸš€
Wish me luck for a seamless transition with zero downtime! #fingerscrossed #buildinpublic
I’m going to migrate Capture APIs from GCP cloud run to AWS AppRunner tonight. πŸš€
Wish me luck for a seamless transition with zero downtime! #fingerscrossed #buildinpublic
I discovered an easy way to fetch favicons for any website. These tiny icons make the UI look complete and pretty! #buildinpublic

I'm using Google's endpoint for my current setup: (www[dot]google[dot]com/s2/favicons?
Almost 1K monthly active @zapier zaps using Push πŸŽ‰

Happy to see our users making the most of it! πŸ™ #buildinpublic
I'm delighted with this new feature I built recently. It's simple yet can significantly enhance UX. #buildinpublic

Replacing the day picker with natural schedule input was a great decision! I hope users love it ✨
Unlock insights into your changelog audience with our new analytics! #buildinpublic

This will be available to both free & paid accounts, and I'll add data on popular paths also soon! 😊
I don't get to make animations for projects often, but when I do it's so rewarding! πŸ’ͺ Just added a subtle bar slider animation on the tables, loving how it turned out #buildinpublic