I'm seeing intermittent errors when trying to connect to NeonDB, particularly when the database is in an idle state. These errors include messages such as "Can't reach database server at xxxx" and "Please make sure your database server is running at xxxx". #BuildInPublic
RustyInk v0.0.9 is here! πŸš€ Crushed several bugs and polished the build. Only a handful of items left for the epic v1 release! 😎 #BuildInPublic #OpenSource
I believe I have successfully implemented a rudimentary form of hot-reload in RusyInk, my open-source static site generator. #BuildInPublic

In a nutshell, I create a web-socket connection between the site and the development server, then send commands from the server to reload.
1/ After a busy week with my SaaS projects, I'm now back to working on open-source projects. #BuildInPublic

I've been vigorously testing RustyInk for the past few days, one particularly annoying bug was related to file watching, as it used to trigger multiple file change events.
Introducing Capture's free website metadata preview & debuggerβ€”a free tool to showcase our new Metadata API. #BuildInPublic
Finally! Capture Node SDK has been updated with Typescript support. This was way overdue! πŸ˜… #BuildInPublic

Check it out on GitHub:…
Revamped landing page for Capture πŸš€πŸŒŸ #BuildInPublic
Users can specify a list of scripts and styles to be bundled with the site using Settings.toml. #BuildInPublic

These scripts and styles will be added to the generated HTML of every page.
I've added @fireship_dev's flamethrower router to RustyInk's docs site, so now my static site has client-side routing! πŸ•Ί #BuildInPublic

Should I bundle flamethrower with RustyInk? It will be a blazing fast static site generator with blazing-fast client-side routing. πŸ”₯ πŸš€
I'm exploring the idea of a hybrid headless mode for Change[dot]Page. πŸ€” This could be the perfect choice for users who desire complete UI customization. #BuildInPublic

With the headless APIs, users can leverage the core platform to write changelogs and then build their own UI.
I'm thrilled to announce that I've revamped the UI for ManagePrompt 🌟, and I couldn't be happier with the results! You might notice some inspiration from Vercel. #buildinpublic

It’s built using Tailwind CSS, shadcn/ui components, and incorporates custom styles and animations.
After 7 months, I'm finally diving back into Capture API. Adding some killer endpoints to make it the ultimate suite of browser automation APIs. Oh, and time to freshen up that landing page too! πŸ’ͺπŸš€ #BuildInPublic
RustyInk's OG image? Courtesy of Dall-E. πŸ˜„ #buildinpublic #openai
1/ Just changed a single line of code, and my open-source static site generator RustyInk achieved 2-3x performance improvement. #BuildInPublic #opensource

Thanks to the incredible Rust ecosystem for making parallelized execution so easy!
I finally managed to get the blog pages working in RustyInk. πŸ˜„ #buildinpublic #oss

Here's how it works: we parse the entire site directory, including its metadata, and pass the whole structure to the template. 🧡
RustyInk is almost at version 1.0, and I'm considering rebuilding my Ghost blog with it. This way, I can conduct a real-world test to identify any bugs or potential flaws in the implementation. #buildinpublic #oss
Had a great week! πŸš€ #buildinpublic #oss

β€’ Leveraging Handlebars now enables full support for themes and custom templates.
β€’ Users can download themes from GitHub and get started via the "new" command.
β€’ Full data pass-through from markdown to templates for customization.
Looking to create Push SDKs with Fern? #buildinpublic

Curious if any comparable projects are worth exploring.
1/ Updates on RustyInk #buildinpublic
I've been dedicating time to cleaning up the code. Although we're still in the early stages and there's lots of experimental code, I'm committed to avoiding a chaotic mess in the future.
Exciting news! RustyInk has a new home thanks to the amazing @zachcodes. πŸ™ #buildinpublic #oss

It's official, we're now ✨