Writing a launch and market- strategy for a struggling startup I will potentially join as late cofounder.
Also, today I heard from a vc that he is pitching me to startups that need help πŸ₯³

Connect: 384/500
Dapps: 83/100
2/5 days off
12/25 sport

@foliofed so true, if you look at the #buildinpublic hash you see how long it takes to even get one customer, not even talking about a profitable mrr!

To everyone who chose the same path, I salute you crazy fellows πŸ₯‚πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ

These daily check-ins are tough, as much as I like content cration, daily feels like it is not my thing.
Anyway, research day, digging into luxury IRL-NFTs more.

customers 3/40 lots of declined ones
dapps 65/100
connected 263/500
days off 2/5
Sport 6/25


work at uni again, gotta pay that rent smh right?

Created a research template draft, I will sell that via nft list, continued working on bot for a bit

customers 2/40 (its saturday for ***** sake)
dapps 65/100
connected 256/500
days off 0/5
Sport 4/30


Dayjob-day at uni
started building an NFT bot instead of adding a dapp today

It’s getting out of hands fast…

Customers 2/40
Dapps 65/100
Connected 249/500
Days off 0/5
Sport: 4/30

SaaS masterminds:

Ideas on how to monetise a chatbot that is on a free site?



customers 2/40
dapps 65/100
connected 247/500
days taken 0/5
🍺&πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ: 3/30

Goals for June:

Main proj:
Speak w. min 40customers
Start local web3 community for irl meetups

Side proj:
Publish up to 100dapps

Connect to 500people
Take at least one day off pW
No drinking & Daily exercise

Today the only addition to the list is new tracker

nice work

Looked into four other platforms as well, but rejected all of them.

Rest of the morning was background work, adding trackers, building the portfolio for the report, cleaning and such.