Notion people, notion people, notion people.

I am making notion great again: Merlin can do wizard tricks and create smart notion docs.

For ex you can ask to "Create a doc that put trending tweets about [TOPIC]"

Day 6:

Hey guys, first time using @webflow and it's amazing.
I built this landing page super quickly.

What do you think of my landing page?

Please feel free to share your thoughts.

Is Merlin a good name for my startup?

Merlin is a mythical figure prominently featured in the legend of King Arthur.
He was best knows for his great wisdom and magical abilities. 🧙‍♀️🧙🧙‍♂️

We are building a tool where you can fetch data from Youtube, filter it, query it and send it to your workspace.

If you are interested in the demo, just comment " GPTube" below.

#buildinpublic #chatgpt #OPENAI
Are you a content creator?

Do you spend time finding leads, searching for content and organizing it?

We are building a NO CODE tool to automate your mundane and repetitive tasks.

If you are interested in the demo, just comment "Content Creator" below.

Day2: building a landing page, and preparing next steps.


1. Be ruthlessly critical
2. Keep the validation process simple
3. Involve the right target audience
4. Be systematic
5. Look around and learn from others' mistakes
#buildinpublic #startups
Day 1 : I am set on my idea, I will build a quick MVP ( 2 weeks ) and go out there talk to users.
Tomorrow, I am going to share the product description and additional details.
Day 44: I realize that doing things that don’t scale in a very early stage is way more valuable than trying to build scalable things.
Recruiting users manually has been very rewarding!