Here's 2 more that can be more time consuming but work really well:

Showing up online everyday (twitter for ex) and showing off your work. #buildinpublic everything you can.

Search Linkedin for full time/part time web dev roles that...
#buildinpublic update

We are working with the Adobe API to make it easier to send contracts, invoices, and NDAs

On top of this we are allowing users to track the views and locks/unlock!
#buildinpublic update

Today we added a new member to our panel - you can sign up for the event with the link in my bio!
#buildinpublic day 5:

Almost done working on the embed form! Front end looking good:
#buildinpublic day 6 - team is still working on inbox portion of our tool. We are also midway through our easy to embed form. Forms can easily be attached to sites like @typedreamHQ to collect leads and spit directly into your @puzzlapps CRM!
#buildinpublic day 3 - working on an easy-to-use consolidated inbox solution - you can view your Instagram, messenger, email, and LinkedIn messages (and respond to them!) Quick mockup:

Nothing much, just figured out how we want the form embed to work. Hopefully we can release it earlier than expected!
I am sending out a daily #buildinpublic update. Even if I don't do anything, I want the world to know.

My first update: We just started working on a (free) to use form that users can embed on their site to collect leads and directly insert them into their sales pipeline.
I did not #buildinpublic properly.

Learn how we are building tools for the future of work but no one even knows it.

Here is what I did wrong and how I plan to fix it
#buildinpublic Starting a google doc that will be continuously updated (every 2 weeks) If you are interested in being a stakeholder for @puzzlapps in any such way - send me your email and I will add you to our doc :)
Some #buildinpublic updates for @UseMarketFly

we're making our basic IG/FB tool free for everyone, forever! This means the capabilities for creating, posting, and scheduling for free.
our Twitter tool is coming out next month
we're working hard to get the IG & FB tool out asap