Quick update: manage to create in #Flutter a textbox with a dropdown. How this works: by clicking inside the textbox a dropdown opens and you can select from the dropdown or you can type freely inside the textbox. Seemed easy, it wasn't. #startup #Serverless #buildinpublic #SaaS
Evening beautiful people! I just came in to say Hi as I need to go back and fight with #Flutter. Been busy with the day job and I've not been very active today on Twitter. Now with the coffee in one hand will continue with the "night job" #startup #Serverless #buildinpublic #SaaS
#Flutter is slowly killing me. I've tried to build a way for a user to select a Title from a dropdown or type something else in a Text field. There is no native Textbox with a dropdown option. This is what I've done so far but I don't like it (ignore alignment) #buildinpublic
@heymattia I've started because of the #buildinpublic community. I like the people, I like seeing what they build and I like learning new things.
Working with pen and paper today. Some workflow doesn't work well. Me and my wife are brainstorming ideas to streamline the process. Challenging but I love when the things fit into their place. #Flutter. #startup #Serverless #buildinpublic #SaaS
@ayushtweetshere Hi, Daniel here. Today I got to 50 followers, so things are just starting. I'm grateful for all of them. I'm building a SaaS in public and planning on launching it soon. I'm new to all this #buildinpublic.
Who is working at their side project today? After a bit of DYI, cleaning the garden, mowing it one last time this year, putting the Christmas lights on, I'm back at my project. Integrating backend with UI today #Flutter. #startup #Serverless #buildinpublic #SaaS
It is not just about #buildinpublic, but building a #startup and a number of #SaaS. This will change very soon, but what was I thinking?
Do you think I've started this journey of #buildinpublic too late? I'm 39. I see so many young people doing cool stuff and I start thinking "what have I done all these years?" I've helped build some really cool stuff along the way but what have I done for me and my family?
Spent an hour yesterday selecting a combination of colours for the main app you #YourECard. It was hard work when you are tired after a busy day at the day job. Found this website to help which exports to #Flutter. #startup #Serverless #buildinpublic #SaaS
Do you find yourself having too many TODOs, too many things that are a priority and need to be done 'yesterday'? Lately I'm having this issue on a daily basis and things cannot slow down, need to move everything forward.🤔 #startup #Serverless #buildinpublic #SaaS
@_justlilian @investinganna Nope. I used to be a software developer that built desktop apps in C# and WPF. Now I'm a solution architect and manager by day (do infrastructure, backend, front-end work and manage a few people) and a #buildinpublic developer by night. Crazy
#Flutter Scaffold. I've decided to customise the AppBar to use a custom made PreferredSize widget and for some screens to just use the normal AppBar widget and just set the title, actions and bottom. Depending on screens. Good or bad?
#startup #Serverless #buildinpublic #SaaS
#Flutter If you are using a Scaffold, are you customising the appBar to use a custom made PreferredSize widget or you use the AppBar widget and just set the title, actions and bottom? I'm going the route of PreferredSize. Am I rebel? 🤔
#startup #Serverless #buildinpublic #SaaS
Saturday - a month before Christmas - if you have kids - you will probably have to attend at least one Christmas fair. I'm with you, family comes first and we have to please the kids. So I'm trying to work a bit before having a fun day out. What about you? #buildinpublic #SaaS
Work week ended. Ready for the weekend, aha indie work. Side project - here I come! This is the way! #Flutter #startup #Serverless #buildinpublic #SaaS
Today it feels hard to continue with my side project. My day job is consuming all my energy! That is fine as I want to do good there but it is hard to find energy for my #buildinpublic project. I ain't no quitter so the show must go on! #Flutter #startup #Serverless #SaaS
@yongfook Yes, please do share with us as much as possible as this is something everybody here #buildinpublic could face if you are building a #SaaS. This is one scenario that will definitely happen at some point once you have the website/app open to the public.
Best no code website builder that you can recommend? Asking for a friend😉. Currently using a template that we don't like anymore and want something nice, quick to build and easy to customise. I know, I should probably go and research. I'll take my coat.. #buildinpublic #SaaS
@ThePeterMick I'm Daniel and I've been building applications for 17 years. I have a day job working daily with AWS services, NodeJs/TypeScript and Flutter. In my spare time I work at my #buildinpublic project and tweet about my learnings to help me and others like me. I love what I'm doing.