With my side project, I had some good progress and closed down 3 features that I was not looking forward to implement as I had no knowledge how to do them exactly.

But guess what - they are done and I've learned a few things along the way so happy days!

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After another very busy work week ending, I'm happy with quite a few big things done there.

Now ready to continue the work but at my side project.

Coffee is ready, let's do this!

Items to do:
1. Share card link;
2. Manage card link;
3. Sign card link;

#buildinpublic #SaaS
With day jobs, building a side project proved anything but easy. That is our conclusion.

But we are moving forward, that is the main thing.
Everyday we are working at it we are getting closer.

But it does feel like some days we are working in vain.

I'm constantly surprised of how many things you need to know and implement if you want to create a #SaaS.

I'm talking about from coming out with an idea, finding out if it is a viable business idea, then see if you have the skills to get it done.

Then find ..
Another work day finished and now cracking on at my side project.

I need to finished the API for my dashboard that I've started during the weekend and then move to the next thing.

The list is things to do is still big but I'm here daily, learning.

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I've worked all day yesterday in UI, over complicated something that was meant to be easy. I think I've sorted that one out.

Now to the next task - creating the API call to support the UI.

The joy of finding #DynamoDb patterns to support my app.

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What is your source of information for #AWS security and staying up to date on everything security related?

Do you have any good resources? If you have something please share.

Reading about accounts having exposed S3 buckets and all sorts ..

#AWS #security #buildinpublic #SaaS
We have very nice weather outside which is great.

But I'm inside working at my side project. I'm pushing hard so that I don't have to spend the next weekends like this.

Sometimes being a dev with a 9-6 job and then with a side project is not easy.

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Me and my wife we've been putting the hours into this side project every day after our 9-5 and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We have a few more integrations to make.

It feels great when things are becoming "real" if you know what I mean.

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Today I've learned that you can have multiple versions of Flutter installed on your machine and you can switch between them at a click of a button.

Check out fvm and install it. It will make your life so much easier.

Follow me for more "aha, yep" moments
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Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary

I celebrate it by having a day of coding at my side project. Looking at tree-shacking in Flutter and why the app gets bigger and bigger by the day.

Have a nice Sunday everybody!
Finished the 9-5 for today, took a small break, started a backend deployment after fixing a bug and went to walk the dog.

Busy day, relaxing now a bit and then back to my side project.

How are you lovely people from #buildinpublic?
Another week has gone and a new one has started, what?

Things are going fast at my 9-5.

After hours I'm working at my side project. I've done quite a bit of work during the weekend at UI/backend and I'm happy with that.

Let's go!
After a very busy week, ready to do some work at my side project.

I've made the plan for what I want to achieve this weekend, I have UI work, backend work, integration and then to prepare for the #AWS SAA exam.

Who is working this weekend?

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Evening lovely people of #buildinpublic.
How is going?

I'm having some "fun" with Amplify for Flutter. Looking at fixing a few issues and making a new release tonight.

Cannot believe it is middle of the week already, where has it gone?
Is it just me that gets easily impressed by what #AWS are doing?

I know this is over 2 years old "news" but just read what S3 can do. Globally! Mind blowing 🤯

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So easy to get overwhelmed with the number of tasks!

1. Write them down in enough details so you can remember what they mean.
2. Prioritise them.
3. Work at them one by one, regardless if it is infrastructure, UI or backend.
4. Rest.
5. Restart.

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Finished a crazy week at work. Lots done there and still lots to do.

Now to spend some time at my side project. Just deployed some changes and need to test them.

I'm revisiting @StephaneMaarek SAA course, I have to renew my #AWS SAA certificate on 29th.

#buildinpublic #SaaS
Just finished a very demanding few days of work at my "9 to 5". Got lots done and proud of that.

Now to spend some time at my side project as I'm in the zone!

Let's do this lovely #buildinpublic crowd!

Below a picture from weekend because I had some lovely time!

Had 2 lovely days during the weekend and spent them with the family visiting London.

Now back at it and I have a few hours tonight to work at my side project.

Music is on, focus is high -> getting my hands dirty with backend work! Let's go!

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