Today I'm reviewing partnership models for @Vibrantcreator. What are you working on? #buildinpublic
I started writing deep problem analysis from different angles for different possible solutions. It was a complete waste of time #buildinpublic
What is the very very first thing you did to start working on your startup? Pitch deck? MVP? Interviews?
Agreed! We do this at @Vibrantcreator as well. We are considering streaming parts of the meeting in order to amplify accountability - what do you all think of streaming internal meetings? #buildinpublic
#startuplife #teamwork
Fellow founders: Highly recommend an all-day co-founder sync 1x/week. No other meetings. No interruptions.

During the week, we add items for sync to a note. There are long-standing items as well. It creates accountability, focused/aggressive execution, and alignment.
Tried the dynamic banner thing for @Vibrantcreator and it didn't look great at first. Hoping second try is better, but please @TweetHunterIO could you implement a notification when the banner is posted so we could see the result asap? #buildinpublic
Twitter opened my eyes for many aspects of the ecosystem, but I'm shocked at how much easier it is to grow on LinkedIn #buildinpublic