Some of the folks who sign up to are exceptional individuals.

Gotta love my job!

Did someone mention a 4 days long holiday?

Perfect time for a bit of strategic thinking, don't you agree?

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Our volunteers 4,831 volunteers can help you with

- concept validation
- product design (UI/UX) and management
- user acquisition
- customer support
- HR

and more

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Traffic since 1st Jan 2022. Most traffic never hits the website as they are served by @Cloudflare

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This is ours ( from the start back in 1st Aug 2020 to date.

Josué secures employment after volunteering through SkilledUp Life…

Josue helped @DealLiteUK

Volunteering works! Above is the proof! ^Manoj

My weekly progress update on @pioneerdotapp

- Added more prospects to sales pipeline

Read the rest here:… ^Manoj

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Proposed #BrandGuidlines by one of our Volunteer teammates

Love to get your feedback. I prefer Poppins font but she says Typeface can co-exist with Poppins…


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@ArnaudBelingaCX I failed many times. But also had Exits. My latest is fast approaching two years. Here's our traction to date #bootstrapped #buildinpublic
We are ending the best week we had in terms of signing up new Volunteers to We added 220 new Volunteers this week.

Thanks to my awesome marketing and volunteer acquisition team.

Our weekly progress update on @pioneerdotapp:

If a very early stage startup cannot afford our service (£300/yr) should we offer £1000 for 2% of equity (1% for us + 1% for the funder)?

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Our performance

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Volunteers: 3,384 ⬆️
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Revenue: £343 MRR ⬆️

We had the greatest traffic day on 6th Jan. - free talent for tech startups

Trying hard to beat it. What about you?

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We can beat the record today. We live in hope

We are trying to beat two existing records. Broke one earlier. Need 6 more Volunteer signups to break the second record.

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