Micro SaaS builders, are you confident enough to deploy straight to Production new features / bug fixes ?
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Does anyone know any free Nextjs landing page template that looks good ?
I need to build one fast to test an opportunity.
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- Should I spend time on SEO ?

First spike is PH launch, the rest is SEO and Tiktokers talking about @pictalio

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How much does no-code tools pricings impact what you’re going to build ?

Have you ever gave up on an idea because it would take too much time before being profitable ?

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How much does your SaaS cost each month ? πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

- including hosting, emails, domain, accounting etc.
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I used @getstream_io.

It basically allows you to create all kind of feeds with a large free tier.

They also have a messaging feature, pretty neat.

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