#buildinpublic day 32
~ back to building! ✌️
~ added a create proposal function to my voting DAO code
~ wrote 2 eligibility functions to check if voters and vote proposal creators own DAO tokens in the 1st place giving them the right to participate
~ used @MoralisWeb3 tutorial
#buildinpublic day 31
* made nfts for start of voting dao project
* voters can vote if they hold nft
* other than that, homework homework homework 😮‍💨
#buildinpublic day 30✨
* learned abt hardhat -> dev env to test/debug your Ethereum software
* something interesting 👀: tried reconnaissance -> discovering info abt a network connection to hack it. Dw I’m not hacking anything, just a cool assignment for a network security class
#buildinpublic day 29
* fixed one logical error in banking contract so that interest along with a user’s balance in the user’s bank account is accurately added to the total contract balance 🎉
* learned about soulbound NFTs aka non-transferrable NFTs.
#buildinpublic day 28 😙
~ helped debug a friend’s code for a flower store in OOP
~ learned abt limited governance, limiting what users can vote on to combat again bad actors in protocols which use coin voting. Ex: limiting users from voting abt infrastructure of protocol
#buildinpublic day 27 🤌

something new I learned was more cons of coin voting in DAOs:

~ vote bribery is common in protocols which use coin voting
~ coin voting favors coin holders, especially wealthy ones rather than other users who have a diff vision.
#buildinpublic day 26
* added a withdraw function to bank contract, so users can withdraw money from their accounts on Remix IDE....but I got an error 😭
* still a total amateur in Solidity, but I'm getting better!
#buildinpublic day 25 💪

~ added a function to my banking contract which allows users to find the balance of a specific user(using their user address) and adds an interest to the $$$ deposited by the user with the help of @questbookapp’s tutorial!
~ interest = 0.07%
#buildinpublic day 24
* coded a bank contract which adds money to a user’s account and returns the contract balance on Remix IDE w/ @questbookapp.
* learned abt retroactive public good funding 🧵👇
#buildinpublic day 23
~ learned about the advantages and disadvantages of on-chain governance: governance processes which take place on the blockchain like governance tokens.
~ An advantage is how much faster on-chain is than off-chain but on chain has low voter turnout
#buildinpublic day 22
~ considering doing learn-in-public instead ✨
~ learned about coin voting…u can vote in decisions in a DAO based on how many transactions you have made on a blockchain or how many coins you own.
~ why is it unfair? 👇🧵
#buildinpublic day 21
~ learned about different tokens + how they work like governance token which allows members in a DAO to vote on smth like what to do with the funds in a DAO
~ gained more clarity on connecting GitHub with remixIDE. IM STILL STRUGGLING THO 💀
#buildinpublic day 20
~ today was more of an “attempt” day. I was trying to set up RemixIDE with GitHub but failed. (It keeps saying my GitHub repo is not found) Just need to watch more tutorials maybe? 🫠
#buildinpublic day 19 🤌
~ coded maps, arrays and functions and deployed 3 test contracts around these basics in solidity.
~ the main thing I learned 🌱about was what a mapping is. It’s when a key like an address is set to refer to a value like a uint.
#buildinpublic day 18
* i deployed two contracts today on @Replit test network
- reading and writing state variables
- if else conditionals
- I’m still a beginner okay 💀
#buildinpublic day 17 ✨

* wrote a simple hello world solidity contract with @questbookapp’s tutorials Not anything big but a start. I’ve finally started writing in solidity!
#buildinpublic day 16 😙

~ main “building” I did today was looking for a good editor to start making blockchain projects on and figuring out how I can connect GitHub to it. Remix IDE seems to be a good option because of the useful plugins it offers.
#buildinpublic day 15

~ meeting with Lydia Kapsenberg -> a former scientist in bio geochemistry for 10 years and a consultant for carbon dioxide removal companies.

Something interesting she taught me was to think about the effect of our coral solution on other organisms. 👇🧵
#buildinpublic day 14

- attended a fireside chat hosted by @theksociety with Qasim Mohammad, the director of Whittington Ventures

From this I learned that going after venture capital is not the best option for my coral reef project aka Poseidon. Why? Read 🧵…
#buildinpublic day 13 ❤️

~ super insightful conversation with @valkyrieholmes about continuing an idea. Her advice on what should be done this summer:
1. A detailed timeline of project goals
2. Participate in pitch comps(give u a diff pov)
3. Figure out time commitment of team