End Of Week #buildinpublic stats.

1) Calls booked - 2 ($50k LTV)
2) Calls done - 1
3) Calls closed - 0

ss attached, I'll share every week stay tuned!
And lastly show your wins and losses in public #buildinpublic.
5 things indie startups do different than traditional startups.

A thread 🧵

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You no longer need to become a programmer to build things on the internet.
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Why #NoCode?

A Thread🧵
#buildinpublic also means sharing failure and stalemates.

This week:

- Almost no new calls booked
- Severe writer’s block
- Very constructive criticism on my site

And guess what?

I’m still having a blast.
How to build software products when you can’t code.

My current opinion: hiring cheap overseas contractors to build an app for you will almost always turn out

It’ll be more complicated, expensive, and crappier then you expect.

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Minimum 100% ROI in 3 months or less for your B2B SaaS or you don't pay shit.

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