@byrd_kohl Perhaps the problem is not that you have no idea but you have too many ideas !

I suggest you make an exhaustive list, organise ideas by difficulty or pleasure to make it.

Then start by the top of the list, do it #buildinpublic and stick with the idea that get most support 🥰
Spent 2 year creating a SaaS with an engineer.

Results : 0$, 0 user.

Why ?

Because we've worked in secret... ok the product has many features, is compliant with some ISO, etc.

But... and what ?!

Since I've discovered #buildinpublic I'll never make that mistake again !
Holidays were absolutely needed, after two crazy years : creating a company, passing a executive MBA in evening classes and becoming a father.

Now I'm back in business and ready to pursue my journey to freedom creating #saas that I #buildinpublic
@mathildeferroli This is so true ! I am amazed every day by people kindness when you share progress ! #buildinpublic is the best hashtag ever for builders :)
@EstelStudio Time flies ! I am so glad I took the small step of getting active on Twitter to #buildinpublic and share my progress on the app I am working on.

Every day I'm thrilled by the people I meet, the projects they are building, and most of all by the kindness

July was good
Aaaaaand tadaaaaam 🎶

😍 My business guidelines app is taking form !

Here's an overview of the landing page. I've tried my best to make it as simple and clear as possible.

What do you think about it ?

#buildinpublic #SaaS #checklist #guidelines #business #NoCode #indiehackers
🎉 Finally found a name !

🚨tbh, I don't really care about the name itself... but it was insanely tough to find an available domain !

Knowing that the #SaaS is about business checklists...

😈 Will you guess the name ?

Hello world,

Here is my progress ! 😇

So the steps are :
✅ Index page
✅ SignUp / LogIn
✅ User dashboard
▶️ Core functions

What do you think about it ?

Most difficult when launching a new product : find an available domain 😅

#indiehackers #buildinpublic
Hey #indiehackers,

Very happy to show you my progress until now. I am #BuildInPublic the basis of my apps - so I don't have to start from scratch every time 😜

So the steps are :
✅ Index page
✅ SignUp / LogIn
▶️ User dashboard
▶️ Core functions…
@_smanna Well, I hope it'll help ! But yes, the main challenge now is to actually #buildinpublic the app hehe
Hey #indiehacker,
When you decide to follow some fellow #buildinpublic, what is the content you expect to see ?
Hi there,

I am discovering #nocode at 36 y/o & I am amazed 🤯😍

Thus I quit my job to #BuildInPublic a bunch of startup.

I have :
✅ No audience
✅ No money
✅ No much time
✅ Alone

🎯Goal: $10k MRR in 2y

Passion or madness ?
Follow and RT if you want to know !