Just launched my startup on @ ProductHunt

Boei: The Zapier of Communication


(look at me all proud of myself 😁)
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24 hours until the launch of on Product Hunt!

Huge shout-out to all my users like David who helped me get to this point!
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Boom! Last minute new features for Product Hunt launch. Pressure works best for me...
✅ Multiple agents for WhatsApp
✅ Display channel as QR code
✅ Add image widget
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You should have a transparent and accessible product roadmap.

This helps potential customers to understand your ambition and direction.

Guide to set it up in Trello for free👇…
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👉 Share the latest updates with your users without jumping outside your app or website.

✅ Just delivered the Changelog Sidebar for

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✅ Created an explainer video for a customer how he can set up a multi-product feedback portal. Thought I better make a proper documentation page for it.…
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Managing feedback online from several locations, such as Twitter, Forums, and AppSumo, takes a lot of time...

After doing it for a couple of years,

I crafted a process that works well for me.

Free guide 👇…

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✅ Single sign-on is now ready for
Your users can now enter suggestions and vote in ProductLift without creating a new account.…
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New website for is a fact!
Everything I had is now rebuild in @webflow.
Lots of work but really happy with the results 🚀
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Working on an SSO feature for

This is a long time on my wish list and finally took the leap to work on it after customer feedback.

Turns out it is pretty easy using JWT…

Hope to deliver it as Christmas present 💝

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✅ You can now customize the title and description of the new post page in

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✅ Improved duplicate feature request detection to have better matches and less false positives.

You can now also find duplicates for a title and description using the API 🙌
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✅ Got a professional WhatsApp account for Boei. Long overdue…

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✅ Instagram DM channel is now ready for
Turn your site visitors into leads via Instagram.
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✅ You can now add animations to your Boei button to get more clicks & leads
- Notification badge
- Glowing border
- Auto open
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Super excited to see 2 sales today for Boei 🙌
It's small compared to the $$$ others make, but I am very happy!
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