OK, I have just over an hour to do some work on my latest website project.

Going to live tweet as I go.

Drop by, ask me a question, offer me some advice ☕

Making some solid progress on my retro-themed link page template 😀

Let me know if you have any feedback on this one!

Do you like this style? Is something missing?

I finished the first draft of the "brutalist theme" link page.

What do you think? Would you link to this link page in your bio?

Any feedback would help me to make this template better 😀 #buildinpublic
A #buildinpublic example for aspiring designers:

1. Create something every day
2. Share it on Twitter
3. Write about what you learn on your website
4. Repeat for 100 days or as long as you like
Here's a running thread of my #buildinpublic project: a job board for designers.

The name is still TBD but am running with: Dream Design Jobs for now.
📣 #buildinpublic update

I'm writing this update so I can FINALLY go and take a lunch break (at 2:30pm 😭)

I've been working on and building a proof of concept job board for designers.

Brainstorming + MVP done, now to build!

Here's a screenshot of where I'm at 😁
I've sent 15 cold DMs over the last 2 weeks to promote my new eBook.

At least 2 people have unfollowed me as a result.

I could be upset about this, but I realize I should be happy about the people that have left me positive feedback + actually pre-ordered 😊

Here's a sneak peek at the latest resource I've been working on 👀

I'm planning on giving this away for free to people that are kind enough to leave a review of my new eBook.

This will be a paid resource for everybody else, at least that's the plan right now🤔

Really starting to ramp up promotion for my eBook 😃

Part of me is terrified because I've never done this before..😟

But I honestly believe my eBook is full of helpful information so I'd love as many people to know about it as possible.

I'm currently working on a free resource to give to people that are kind enough to leave a review of my eBook when it's published 👀

I hope people find it helpful as I'm also considering making it a paid resource for everyone else 🤔

More details soon!

Pretty productive morning 😇

After all of the helpful feedback from people here on Twitter, I've reworked the cover for my eBook.

I've also created some product mockups and updated the Gumroad listing.

All on track for the 24th Sep release date 🥳

I'm torn on some ideas for my eBook cover 🤔
I have a few rough drafts but not sure which I prefer...

What option do you prefer?

Any feedback is welcome 🤗

Taking a break from working on my eBook this weekend.

Made some good progress this week, I got most of the imagery finished. 💪

Breaks are as important as the work!

I'm making good progress on the imagery for my eBook.

What's starting to concern me though is working on the book cover itself.

I don't even know where to start.. as a result, I'm completely putting it off 😅

My plan this week:

➡ Finish, publish and promote my first eBook

Stay tuned for plenty of updates!

This weekend I'll be working on my first ever ebook 📝

It's about overcoming the blank page as a creator 🌟

What are your plans for the weekend?