When starting out, be as scrappy as possible.

I now keep notes on each Team enrollment, but when I started out... I didn't even do that!

Now I'm sifting through old emails to look up assigned users πŸ˜…

Only 2+ years later am I finally structuring this out.

I don't usually work a lot of hours in the week, as I prefer slow-paced, methodical work.

This isn't one of those weeks πŸ€“

I've been in full build mode. This is something that's been highly requested from my Team subscribers, so much so that I moved up the delivery date of it.
They say "avoid automation until needed", but I really wish I did this a lot sooner.

I took me about half the time to write these automation scripts as it did to execute a full manual session of these tasks.

Time for some more automation πŸ€“

This is the end of this thread, but structured things out just a bit more and threw it all on GitHub.…

This can be used for a very simple starter content site built on PHP. Get creative extending it and make it what you need.

Good news is that I'm all done, just waiting for the final cross-arch GitHub workflows to finish executing, then I'll tag the updated docker-compose setup. Re-did the PHP 7.4 image also while I was at it, so both images now have parity.

Moving on to course work πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«
I’m still planning out larger courses, but focusing on mini-courses for a while, which probably negates the need to do this for a while. At least I pruned my mailing list a bit (I pay for each subscriber, ya know!) 😁.

Got a request to implement @spatie_be's Ray into docker-magento.

Anything new/neat like this coming from the Laravel or another related community, I'll most likely support it. Just buy me a copy and DM me the license key.

Setting up Purchasing Power Parity isn't only good for the supported countries, but also creators. Roughly 20% of my revenue come from those using a PPP promo code, and I have high confidence ~80% of these sales wouldn't have happened w/o it. This is significant.