I coded something really cool today this is the way it works when you partner with content creators and they need brand assets and ads to put on there website this is where this comes into play took me about 8 hours to code lol #buildinpublic
"It's frustrating how I get penalized for working fast, and people question the quality. It's really annoying, you know?" #buildinpublic #penalized
Get all six episodes of Season 1 for just $1.55! Don't miss this amazing deal: #buildinpublic #podcast
See it comes in handy no more manual labor 👍🙂 #buildinpublic
I created this tool because I needed to added " to my code and didn't feel like doing it all by hand #buildinpublic #Productivity
I created another cool tool that replaces "" with &quot; so you can add it into a <iframe srcdoc=""> to secure the code for purchasing and displaying what it looks like #buildinpublic
FREE: Check out this TailwindCSS hero and form that I coded. It's the perfect starting point for your project! #texttospeech #buildinpublic
here's a free template for launching your product hunt listing the right way #buildinpublic
its easier to write content for Facebook then it is twitter when you have a bigger following on Facebook then twitter so you cant use the same content for all platforms #buildinpublic
Just got done scheduling a whole month worth of content 😌 #buildinpublic #Scheduling
I think I solved it it wasn't coming from my equipment so that's good #podcast #buildinpublic 👍
here is the other half of the template i forgot to mention for the one above to work properly #buildinpublic
remember when i created these? well here is the free template link to all of them for you to edit and modify #buildinpublic #TEMPLATE
All of my podcast episodes may be purchased for $0.99 or listened to for free on Spotify to show your support. You can also download one-minute previews of each episode before making a purchase. #buildinpublic #podcast
which one looks better let me know with a reply below #buildinpublic #AndroidDev
The finished product well almost finished is looking pretty good right now 😁 #buildinpublic #AndroidDev