Despite all the difficulties of trying to push a startup forwards while having

— 2 beautifully energetic kids
— a demanding day job
— a total scarcity of time

I LOVE what I'm doing and I'll never regret trying to get it off the ground even if it fails ❤️

Are you resting on Sunday night or building your startup? ☺️

I feel so grateful to have come across the #buildinpublic movement 🙏

I started coming here to market my startup @joinquda
and to learn how to write better, but it’s the community of indie builders that keeps me coming back.

Come for the features, stay for the people✨
Sometimes I feel my startup progress is painfully slow

With a full time job and young family

I slip into self-doubt about my choices

But when I zoom out & take a bigger perspective

I see the challenges I’ve overcome

And feel confident about the future ✨

Wow, the wild swings of building a startup! 🤯

Last week was great 😊

This week is 💩

Events outside yr control can hit you for 6!

But after many cycles of going up and down I've realised it's OK

Just sit tight and wait for the dark clouds to pass ❤️

I have a FOODY relationship with my startup 🍽️

Whenever I have zero time to work on it, I feel starved and frustrated 🤯

But when I get the space to progress it, I feel sustained and energetic

Right now I'm seriously HUNGRY, help!!

What I'm learning as a founder

the first investor in my startup is not family, friends, angels or VCs

The first investor is myself - on every level, physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially

Yay! I took a weekend off from my startup and it felt great

🏉 Played rugby with my son
🥕 Cooked a roast
🤘 Watched Glastonbury

Now my mind is fresh and I'm ready to take on the week

Breaking addiction to working all the time is so important for health ♥️

I often meet Mr. Doubt

He comes into my house unannounced

He says there's no way my startup will succeed

That I'm not talented enough

That I'm guaranteed to fail

Luckily, I don't have much time for Mr. Doubt

I show him the door and kick him out

Dream big✨

I often think my day job is the enemy of my startup. 🤯

Not true.

It allows me to pursue my dreams without having money worries supporting my fam. ❤️

Even if I'm moving slower, I still feel like I'm accomplishing lots!

I'm super grateful to be in the game. 🙏

I don't always get it right

But for anyone in this position

I'd like to share it's possible

to have a full-time job

A young family

Good health & sleep

Happy relationships

And push forwards your startup each day

It's hard work, yes, but it's doable!

I feel both relieved and foolish at the same time 🤦‍♂️

Relieved to have started getting my head around SEO

Foolish that I'm only getting to this in my startup now

Feels like another huge mountain to climb

But I guess better late than never! 😊

For years I did the easiest thing:

Deluded myself I had the greatest startup idea,

Told my friends it'd change the world

Bought a domain name & did absolutely nothing 😴

Then a painful truth hit:

Ideas are nothing. Execution is everything.

Happy shipping!

Whenever I run too fast in my startup I get close to burnout

But when I run too slow I lose momentum

I'm striving for somewhere in between —

a kind of happy middle

Where I'm both healthy and ambitious

Taking little steps forwards every day 🌞

I believe you get great results when you do your own thing

Do what you're passionate about

Do what you love spending time on

Life's too short to live it out copying others

Find your own path and beautiful things follow

What problems are you facing in your startup at the moment?

wow, deep exhaustion today 😔

the universe is telling me to rest

The further I go on this startup journey the more I feel staying sane and healthy is the primary thing to protect

I'm throwing in the towel today so I can come back stronger tomorrow 🌞

Are you resting on Sunday night or building your startup? ☺️

When I was in my 20s I felt like I had all the time in the world.

Now I often feel like I have no spare time at all. ⏳

So when the day ends and my fam is asleep, I sneak off to build my startup.

In the dead of night, undistracted, I do my best work. ✨

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This journey is more fun with friends :)

Wowza, we're almost half way through 2023 😲

What's one big area of progress you've made in your startup so far this year?