I find it crazy that there's so much reaction to money MRR tweets.

I get that it's aspirational.

Celebratory $ milestones are great, but I prefer #buildinpublic learning tweets any day.
No offence to the SaaS bros!

I'm making a consumer #ai app and am lonely.

Are you building in the consumer space?

Would love to hear what you're doing and connect. 🥰

@Volagn always amazed by the #buildinpublic tag, so many folks building stuff! enjoy the ride. :)
@T_Zahil @bilal_limi I find it crazy that there's so much reaction to the money tweets. I get that it's aspirational. But I prefer #buildinpublic learning tweets any day.
I've heard a lot of stories of successful pivots


But with pivoting the risk is you abandon your niche just before traction takes off

I'm taking the approach of staying in my lane - Q&A - but going deeper to find new use cases

AI Next!

Quda vs Google

Search has got to be easier than trawling through pages of results.

Working on customizing GPT3 for accuracy next!

Dream big 🚀

Feel a bit guilty!

I've cheated on @bubble and made a landing page on @carrd

@ajlkn is a genius, his attention to detail is amazing. Loved the experience and bought PRO - ridiculous value.

A or B - mention AI or don't mention AI?

#buildinpublic #nocode
✅ New copy written for landing page.
📺 Looking at doing my first product walkthrough video!

Heard good things about @CleanShot and @TellaHQ, any others I should look at?

Been working on my free to paid UX. 🥳

You can now ask two questions without having to sign up.

Then you get 10 free questions when you create an account.

Following that there's an annual plan of $35 (TBC depending on GPT-3 costs).

Never done this before!!

I'm no longer in control, blame the AI. 😅

Today's build with @bubble

✅ Pop up log in / create account
✅ Enter key now submits question. Using single vs multi-line input field.
✅ Q&A UX. Need to add a loading wheel as sometimes there's latency calling to @openai api

#nocode #gpt3 #buildinpublic
Need your ideas pls.

What should my bot say if you're rude to them? 🥵

GPT-3 @OpenAI is connected and working like a dream.

On my way to building my first Q&A chatbot.

Is there anything that @bubble #nocode can't do?

thanks to @marinatrajk @JoshMunsch @heyyfernanda for inspiration / tutorials.

Doubtful me: failing today! 😔

Reflective me: wait a minute, I’ve accomplished tons over the last year, keep going. 🧗🏻‍♂️

Zooming out can make a world of difference. Try it!

Building on @bubble #nocode has got me more, not less, interested in coding.

I've got recommends to start with

who else has helped you learn the most?

LOVE collaborating with other makers. ✨

We're all on this long journey, got to stick together!

Daniela is an awesome maker - so inventive on design and distribution. 🚀

I'm super-excited by this because it's the first iFraming of @joinquda on another site. :)

This week's maker story is a bit special as it brings along an exciting collab🤩

Thanks to @JustinQuda, you'll now have a chance to ask the makers behind these stories any questions you might think of, directly from CtrlAltCC💜 <- go ask Justin anything!
When I was in my 20s I felt like I had all the time in the world.

Now I often feel like I have no spare time at all. ⏳

What is the hardest thing you're tackling right now in your startup journey?

Just pushed an event calendar for @joinquda Chatclub.

Now onto the next part of the experiment, seeing whether users love talking to strangers about the topics they're interested in.

Would you say you're intellectually satisfied in your relationships or intellectually lonely?

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